Blue is the ‘favourite colour’ by most people in the world and is a colour that has equal appeal to both men and women.  Blue is universally considered to be the ‘friendliest’ colour on the spectrum and people who wear this shade are seen as approachable and socially aware.  

Those who choose blue as their favourite colour are generally idealist, enduring and patient people who tend to be nostalgic, peaceful, devoted and loyal souls.  They are highly sensitive individuals who can commit to their dreams and ideals.  They tend to seek contentment and peace of mind and do not quickly seek change in their lives.

People who wear light blue are said to be analytical and generally have a practical approach to life.  

People who wear dark blue are said to be intelligent and self-reliant, and take on responsibilities.

Wear dark blue to feel emotionally stable, calm and conservative.

Joanne Walmsley   Sacred Scribes


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