Blue food is not a common occurrence in nature (aside from blueberries and blue-purple potatoes) and does not exist in significant quantities as a natural food colour, therefore we do not have an automatic appetite response to the colour blue.  Our primal nature also tends to avoid ‘warning colours’ as our early ancestors foraging for food considered blue, purple and black foods to be potentially lethal.

Blue foods are generally various types of berries and also include seaweed and some white fish, veal, asparagus, potatoes, plums, billberries and blueberries.

Of all the colours in the spectrum, the colour blue is an appetite suppressant.  When looking to lose weight, place your food on a blue plate, store your food in blue containers and even change the fridge lightbulb to a blue one.  Blue lighting can also be used in the dining area for the same reason.

Joanne Walmsley      
Sacred Scribes


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