The colour blue appearing in dreams may represent your Spirit Guide/s (or higher spiritual beings) and Divine life path and soul mission. Blue is stimulating to our spiritual security.  

Blue can also suggest optimism about the future and suggests clarity of mind.

Seeing blue in your dreams may indicate a feeling, need or desire to escape from a situation.  Alternatively, the colour blue may be a metaphor for ‘feeling blue’ or ‘being blue’.  The colour blue appearing in dreams may be expressing a desire to ‘get away’.

Wearing light blue in your dreams can indicate your personal creativity and may suggest that you are a person who likes to pace yourself and focus on all that you do in your waking life.

When blue appears in your dreams it helps you to attain inner-peace and harmony, mental security and a desire for deeper understanding.  If there is a lot of blue in your dream it allows for composure, patience, gentleness and contentment.

Navy blue can be seen as a rigid or stoic colour and seen in dreams, navy blue can represent a lack of individuality and conformity.

The colour blue appearing in dreams inspires:
love, forgiveness, wisdom, kindness and compassion, gentleness, patience, healing, contemplation and sensitivity.

Seeing blue in your dreams releases:
worry, fear and anxiety, self-pity, self-rejection, coldness and isolation, depression and detachment, passivity.


Colours in Dreams  - Dreaming of Colours

Joanne Walmsley       
Sacred Scribes


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