Introduction to Colour Healing - Chromotherapy

Introduction to Colour Healing - Chromotherapy

The art of Chromotherapy or Color Healing is an ancient one and can be traced back to early Egyptian times.  The Hindus have used colour and its’ healing benefits as part of their Ayurvedic medicine system since ancient times.

In the UK Chromotherapy is recognized by the medical profession as well as alternative therapists of all kinds, as a powerful aid to recovery and healing. The interiors of their medical clinics, hospitals and healing centers are painted in appropriate healing colors to correspond with patient’s dis-eases.

Prior to using Color Healing (or Chromotherapy) be sure to check the medical history of your client/patient so that you do not use the wrong color, therefore possibly making their particular problem worse.  (For example, do not use Red for patients who suffer from high blood pressure).  Record the medical history, lifestyle, diet and color preferences of the client. Also look at the skin and use your psychic and intuitive abilities to tune-in and know that you are using the correct color.  Another method is to run your fingers down the spine and feel the different vibration of each color and intuitively/psychically ‘see’ the colors.

The colours we see around us every day and the colors we choose to wear and decorate our lives with all have significance, energy and vibrations all of their own which influence us in different ways.

All colors, whether dark, pale, murky, bright or in between, tell a story.  This story is like the weaving of our lives and as our lives change constantly, so do the colors that surround us.  Each and every person on the earth plane has their own personal colors around them. These colors can change from second to second depending upon what is happening in their life, and even as particular moods change.  Also, as another person walks close to you or interacts with you, just for an instant your Auric color can change.  Moods, as well as our inner feelings, like when we are sad, tired, happy, ill or angry, make colors around us change.  These colors in our Aura are in constant movement, even while we sit and relax, sleep and especially when we meditate.

A form of Chromotherapy involves using different coloured swatches or pieces  of silk or other natural fabrics, on different parts of the body.  The facilitator or healer directs the Universal Life Energies to enter and heal the physical body through the use of the appropriate color for each particular ailment.

Although each ailment resonates with a particular color, the facilitator or healer generally uses their intuition or messages telling them where to hold each color and for how long etc.

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Choosing a Car by its Colour - What the Colour of Your Car Says About You

Choosing a Car by its Colour  -  What the Colour of Your Car Says About You 

There are many different aspects to consider when buying a car, such as budget, comparing car brands, sizes, models, mileage, prices etc. We also consider the car’s colour. The colour of the car you choose to drive can reveal a great deal about your personality and your outlook and attitude about yourself, your life and your lifestyle choices. The colour of your car subconsciously tells a story about who you are, and could be sending out subliminal messages to others.

WHITE is a combination of all colours within the light spectrum, and is associated with goodness, perfection, purity, innocence, truth, faith, sincerity, cleanliness, peace and harmony, refinement and dignity.
Those who choose to drive a WHITE car are often ‘neat-freaks’ who value order and organization, and who prefer to be up-front and honest in both their professional and private lives. Driving a WHITE vehicle may indicate someone who is truthful and honest, and at times, fastidious and fussy. Drivers of WHITE cars can also be seen to be frivolous and lacking in financial caution.
Those who drive WHITE cars are often generous and outgoing people who are earnest and accommodating, and often have very trusting personalities. People who choose to drive WHITE vehicles often have average self-confidence about the course of their lives, and are quite consistent in regards to their moods and attitudes.
A clean WHITE car indicates someone who pays great attention to detail and who is cautious and careful in life. WHITE car owners can be critical and discerning, detail-minded and overly-cautious.
A dirty WHITE car can imply that the owner is indifferent, lazy and sloppy.

CREAM coloured car drivers are generally controlled and self-contained people who are calm, methodical and patient.

BLACKcontains all colours of the spectrum. It is authoritive and powerful and evokes strong emotions. BLACK is the colour of extremes - all or nothing.
A BLACK car denotes authority, and those who own and drive one send the subconscious message that they are self-assured, confident and in control of their world. BLACK is the ultimate ‘power’ colour, and people who choose to drive a BLACK car have a desire to be taken seriously by others. A BLACK car is the perfect choice to make when wanting the world to know that you have arrived.
BLACK car drivers are said to be aggressive, competitive and intimidating, and can come across as discreet and secretive. A BLACK car adds mystery, and can suggest a deep and complex personality. Those who drive BLACK cars often have an aggressive streak.
Driving a BLACK car can suggest that the owner may have a mysterious, two-sided personality, and can indicate someone who is not easily manipulated.
Those who drive a BLACK car are often very careful about keeping up their appearances and maintaining a semblance of order and authority. These people like to project a smooth, professional appearance. BLACK cars are often chosen by well disciplined people who like elegance and luxury.

The colour GREY relates to formality, knowledge and inner-wisdom, insight and reflection, and those who choose a GREY car are often conservative, pragmatic and ‘corporate’, refined, elegant and aloof.
GREY is sleek and cool, and a GREY car can suggest practicality and reliability.
A GREY car indicates someone who enjoys their comforts in life, and who has great emotional stability and self-reliance. People who choose to drive GREY cars are often reasonable, helpful and agreeable souls who like to go with the flow of life.

SILVER is the ultimate colour of sophistication and represents justice and purity.
A SILVER car exudes a certain style and elegance and suggests a serious machine. SILVER cars can represent luxury, wealth and prestige, and those who own and drive SILVER cars often subconsciously exude these qualities. SILVER cars give the impression of being financially established and stable, and SILVER car owners usually come across as calm, confident and competent drivers as SILVER is representative of a confident, cool-headed person. People who own SILVER cars are most often very thoughtful and attentive drivers.
Choosing a SILVER car can indicate someone who likes luxury and the finer things in life, and who often has a futuristic outlook.
A SILVER car can indicate one who likes things to be ‘just so’, and those who own and drive SILVER vehicles have a positive attitude about their life’s direction.
Those who choose to own and drive a SILVER car often easily fit in with most other people and environments, and are able to accomplish great things. People who drive SILVER cars often seek stability in all areas of their lives.

The colour YELLOW is associated with optimism, confidence, cheerfulness, joy and happiness. It is a reviving and revitalizing colour that is the first in the solar spectrum for maximum brightness and luminosity.
Choosing a YELLOW car suggests someone who has a sunny and joyful disposition. YELLOW car owners are bright and optimistic in their day-to-day lives and have an expectant and positive attitude to their present and future.
Those who own and drive YELLOW cars have great self-confidence and enjoy having fun and embracing their inner-child. They are idealistic, intelligent, intuitive and warm characters, but at times can come across as a little ‘scatter-brained’. They love life and make a point of surrounding themselves with like-minded people. They are energetic, creative and like to stand out in the crowd.
Drivers of YELLOW vehicles can sometimes have a childish outlook on life.

The colour GOLD relates to absolute authority, perfection, self-esteem and self-confidence, wealth and luxury. GOLD also signifies determination and an unyielding nature.
A GOLD coloured car signifies pride and self-worth, and those who choose a GOLD car are often warm and intelligent and seek personal comfort. Those who own and drive GOLD coloured cars give the impression that they are independently-minded, and do not lack financially.

GREEN symbolizes balance, stability, growth and normality, and those who choose GREEN cars are generally civilized, socially-conscious and well-adjusted people.
People who drive GREEN cars are most often very upbeat and positive people who care about the environment and traditional ways of being. Driving a GREEN car indicates someone who is traditional, trustworthy and well-balanced. Owners of GREEN cars are typically peaceful people who possess calm, comforting personalities.
A GREEN car driver is a conscientious and considerate person who tends to keep their emotions balanced, regardless of circumstances.
People who choose to drive GREEN cars are generally less concerned with appearances and more focused upon integrity. Practicality is a priority for those who choose a GREEN car.

Choosing a LIGHT GREEN car can suggest someone who is lively, whimsical and lively.

RED is associated with danger, excitement and speed. RED is an exciting colour that embodies vitality, fun, ambition and achievement.
RED gives off a high energy vibration that has been found to raise the blood pressure and stimulate the senses, and those who own and drive RED cars may be inclined to take more risks than others. While RED cars don’t necessarily don’t go any faster than any other car, the owners of RED cars are most often the ones trying to get ahead of the pack.
Those who choose to drive a RED car often resonate with high-action, sex appeal, moving quickly and being flashy.
A RED car can indicate a passionate person who likes to take charge of situations, and who at times can seem a little ‘wild’. RED car owners are not afraid to get things done.
RED cars denote those who have ‘high performance’ energy and drive, and who are full of zest, courage, ambition and verve. They can be impatient characters who live their lives at a fast pace. People who drive RED cars are often enthusiastic about life and are passionate about their interests and themselves.
Those who drive a RED car can be described as being extroverted and ‘out there’. They have a ‘go-getter’ type of personality and enjoy adventure and action.
Those who drive RED cars are ‘take charge’ kinds of people who like to get things done quickly and efficiently.
RED car owners can be impulsive and aggressive and can be prone to emotional ups and downs in quick succession.
Physically aggressive types of people will be attracted to a shiny RED car.

BRIGHT RED subconsciously sends others the message that the owner is in a high income bracket.

BURGUNDY gives a similar message, but is less obvious.

The colour BLUE is a conceptual colour that is crisp, clean and refreshing. BLUE is symbolic of optimism, renewal, wisdom, patience and auspicious opportunities. BLUE is calming and instills gentleness, thoughtfulness and composure.
Those who drive BLUE cars are generally consistent in their moods and attitudes. People who drive BLUE care are often loyal and honest, and prefer to blend in rather than stand out in the crowd.
BLUE cars are chosen by loyal, trustworthy people who relish peace, calm and tranquillity, and practicality is a priority for those who drive a BLUE coloured car.
BLUE denotes devotions, accomplishment and introspection, and those who choose a BLUE car are hard workers who achieve their goals and are able to find personal success.
Those who own and drive a BLUE car are generally not overly dramatic and/or emotional. BLUE car owners are often the ones that others turn to for honest advice and wise guidance.

Choosing a DARK BLUE car indicates someone who is confident, credible and dependable. People who drive DARK BLUE cars often have a great deal of self-confidence and are most positive about the course of their lives.

Those who drive MEDIUM BLUE coloured cars are often faithful, calm, quiet, reflective and cautious people.

A LIGHT BLUE car can indicate a person who is cool and calm, quiet and loyal, although they may lack a bit of self-confidence about their direction in life. Those who drive LIGHT BLUE cars are serene and peaceful people who often have a strong maternal instinct.

The colour PURPLE resonates with royalty, nobility, mysticism, dignity and integrity, creativity and inspiration.
Those who choose to drive a PURPLE car are often creative individuals who are intuitive, unique and individual, but who can also sometimes be seen as eccentric. People who drive PURPLE cars are individualistic, creative and original characters.
People who choose PURPLE cars are often naturally artistic and creative, and can be temperamental and overly sensitive.
Those who drive PURPLE cars live their lives with strength and purpose.
Those who drive DARK PURPLE cars are often out to leave a mark on the world.

PINK is the colour of femininity, love and affection, compassion and kindness, and happiness and joy.
Those who possess PINK cars like a feminine touch and have a soft side to their personalities. They are often happy people who possess good health and wellbeing.
PINK cars are chosen by people who are loving and affectionate, and who exude tenderness and caring for others.

The colour ORANGE is a warm colour that has the ability to stimulate and arouse the senses. ORANGE symbolizes self-expression and self-confidence, gaiety and enthusiasm, flamboyance and passion. ORANGE also encourages energy, activity, incentive and motivation.
An ORANGE car can suggest that the driver is eccentric, attention-seeking and upbeat, fun-loving, trendy, fickle, social and talkative. They are often happy people who possess an optimistic outlook on life. ORANGE car drivers are fun-loving souls whose goal is fun and frivolity. They are usually loud, cheerful people who have a great sense of humour and who are socially-minded and enjoy the company of like-minded people.
ORANGE car owners are generally confident, positive people who desire attention and want others to appreciate their boldness and uniqueness. ORANGE car owners are impulsive and spontaneous and they enjoy being the centre of attention. ORANGE car drivers are often very independent yet social beings who are often oblivious to the opinions of the world.
Those who drive ORANGE cars are often sentimental and like to reminisce.

BROWN is the colour of our Earth and is associated with all things organic and natural. The colour BROWN suggests practicality and stability, conservatism and integrity, organization and orderly management.
Those who choose to drive a BROWN car are often no-nonsense, down-to-earth kinds of people who are independent, practical, sensible and grounded. They most often enjoy the simple things in life and are approachable and responsible and make loyal and steadfast friends. Those who own and drive a BROWN car are honest and reliable people who are true to themselves and others.
People who choose a BROWN car are generally stable and unpretentious, although they can also be shrewd and practical at times. They often have a humanitarian side to their nature, and have natural concern and compassion for others.
BROWN car owners most often possess wholesome, straightforward personalities.

A BEIGE or TAUPE coloured car indicates someone with basic, simple, traditional values and tastes. People who drive BEIGE cars are often deep-thinkers who spend much of their drive-time mulling over and pondering the world’s worries and wonders.

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The art of Chromotherapy, or ‘Colour Healing’ is an ancient one and can be traced back to early Egyptian times.The Hindus have used colour and it's healing benefits, as part of their Ayurvedic medicine system since ancient times.

In England it is recognised by the medical profession as well as alternative therapists of all kinds, as a powerful aid to recovery and healing.The interiors of their medical buildings, hospitals and Healing Centres are painted in appropriate healing colours to correspond with patient's dis-eases.

All Colours tell a story
This story is like the weaving of our lives and as our lives change constantly, so too do the colours that surround us. Each human (and living thing) on the Earthplane has their own personal colours around them, and these colours can change from second to second depending upon what is happening in their life, and even as there are particular mood changes.

The field of colours that surround us all, is known as the 'Aura'. The Aura and it's colours, are in constant movement.

The human body has 7 main Chakras. Each of these Chakras resonates with a Colour:

The Base (or Root) Chakra is RED and is situated at the base of the spine.

The Base Chakra represents the 'Physical Element' and relates to: the legs, feet, bones and the large intestine. The Base Chakra houses the Karmic forces and when this chakra is active and balanced, there is a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging to the natural world, and a willingness to take personal responsibility for actions and deeds.

Red resonates to the energies of: activity, passion, heat, aggression and movement.

The Spleen Chakra is ORANGE and is located at the base of the back,and to the left-hand side of the spleen.

The Spleen Chakra is known as the 'Vitality Centre' or 'Life Force'. It relates to the endocrine glands, and governs all liquids, including the circulation of the blood, urine and the like.
When balanced, the Spleen Chakra brings a sense of self-confidence and creativity, and allows the imagination to be used constructively.It also enhances the sense of completeness and integration.

Orange resonates with:vitality, courage, dynamic energy and good health.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is YELLOW and is located in the middle of the back, over the kidneys, and relates to the digestive system and the adrenal glands.

It also relates to the liver, spleen, stomach and small intestines.When the energies of the Solar Plexus Chakra are active and balanced, the individual enjoys general wellbeing and has a clear sense of self-determination.

Yellow relates to:Intellect, intuition, mental power and concentration.

The Heart Chakra is located between the shoulder blades, and is in line with the heart. This Chakra is seen as GREEN, PINK, or the combination of the two.

The Heart Chakra is the 'Harmonizing Element' and relates to the thymus gland, lungs, heart, arms and hands.

When open and balanced, this Chakra gives one the genuine ability to give and receive, and compassion develops. The Heart Chakra also relates to Unconditional Love on all levels.

Green and Pink
The colour for the Heart Chakra is GREEN, although some people visualize it as PINK, or a combination of the two.

Green is the colour of balance, peace and harmony.Green loosens and equalizes the 'etheric' body and is the colour of:energy, youth, growth, inexperience, fertility and new life.

Pink is the colour which represents love and Unconditional Love on all levels.

The Throat Chakra is BLUE, and is located at the front of the throat and the base of the skull. It is our 'Communication Centre’ and relates to the neck and shoulders.

The Throat Chakra represents the power to communicate verbally, and activating this Chakra brings telepathy into consciousness. When the Throat Chakra is opened and balanced, the powers of communication and creativity come to life, adding a new dimension to our comprehension of 'experience'.

Blue represents: inspiration, healing on all levels, peace of mind and calmness.
Blue raises the consciousness to the realm of Spirit and is the colour to use in meditation.Blue is also the colour which is used to increase the metabolism and it builds vitality, yet is cooling and soothing.

The BROW CHAKRA (3rd Eye)
The 3rd Eye, or Brow Chakra is INDIGO and is located at the centre of the forehead, above the nose.It relates to the pineal gland, the eyes, sound, smell and the two hemispheres of the brain. This is the centre for 'Inspiration and Intuition'. It is also known and the 'Command Centre.'

Activating this Chakra increases the power of visualization and brings freedom at many levels, as the state of consciousness represented by this Chakra is beyond all karmic influences.

Indigo has a cooling vibration, and is a purifier on all levels.It is stimulating and regenerating to the mind, body and soul.

The Crown Chakra is WHITE or VIOLET, and is situated at the top of the head, or crown. It is the element of 'Spiritual or Higher Consciousness'. The Crown Chakra relates to the cerebral cortex, the brain, the whole body and its malfunctions or alienations. It also represents the potential for enlightenment and is the centre of intuition and spiritual understanding.

When balanced, the Crown Chakra brings: wholeness, completeness and realization on all levels.

White holds the qualities of:purity, new beginnings, spirituality and upliftment.

Violet is a colour that is rarely seen in the Aura, although, when it is, it is a sign of true greatness and worthiness. Violet is the highest of Spiritual vibrations.

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COLOURS in DREAMS - What the Colours in Dreams Mean

COLOURS in DREAMS  -  What the Colours in Dreams Mean

Colours provide us with valuable insights into our life’s experiences. A knowledge of the significance of the colours in our dreams is a wonderful tool for understanding the messages and meaning our dreams.

Using colour to interpret and understand our dreams has been utilized for thousands of years in cultures with esoteric traditions. In human history, colour was believed to be one of the most important symbols in the world. The mystical and profound meanings of each colour was an integral part of all ancient civilizations who explored dreams and their meanings. Today, modern scientists and psychologists are recognizing and acknowledging the beneficial uses of colour for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Researchers have discovered that specific colours trigger the same responses in people, regardless of their culture or background.

Even though we may not be consciously aware of it, we acknowledge the energy and power of the colours in our lives, and this is often reflected in our dreams and dream imagery and symbology. Colour plays an important role in every area of our lives.

Colour has much symbology and imagery and represents our emotional states and conditions which are stimulated in our dreams. Colour combines with symbology and imagery to form a meaning or interpretation of the dream image and adds a greater emotional significance. The colour that is assigned to the dream imagery adds meaning and depth.

Some dreams may be perceived as colourless due to the dreamer’s sense of recall. Colour recall may also be associated with emotional attachments and memories.

Colour plays an integral and important role in everyone’s lives and provides us with valuable insight into our experiences through our dreams. Colours appear in our dreams in many ways. Sometimes an image can be vibrant or partial, or entirely in the natural colours of our world, such as sky blue, brown and green tones.

The clearer the colour, the more accurate and clear the meaning and message. The muddier the colour, the more that particular area (or emotion) is blocked for you.

Some people recall having only black and white dreams or with pale, insipid neutral shades. Research has shown that the majority of our dreams (70% to 83%) are in colour.

Vivid colours are usually associated with lucid dreams and dreaming.

A knowledge of the significance of the colours in our dreams is a most effective tool for understanding and interpreting our dreams.

The colour beige appearing in dreams represents the basics, the essentials of life, the barest form or ‘bare bones’.
Beige presenting in your dream may indicate a neutral or unbiased view or position on a matter or in a situation.

Black is the colour of the unconscious, mystery, change and protection. It resonates with indifference, gloom, death, darkness, obscurity and secrecy.
Black is often associated with death or major changes. Seeing black in your dream may represent the death of old ideas and/or the endings of a situation or phase in your life.
Seeing the colour black in your dreams may also suggest a hidden or rejected aspect of yourself.
Black can symbolize the unconscious, hidden things, the unknown and endings. Black appearing in dreams invites us to delve deeply in the subconscious mind in order to gain a better understanding of the ‘Self’.
Black appearing in your dreams may be representing potentials and possibilities and may be symbolic of a ‘clean slate’ or ‘blank slate’.
Within the context of the dream theme, seeing black can suggest Divine qualities and heightening spirituality.

To dream in black and white can suggest that you need to be more objective in formulating your choices and decisions. It may imply that you are too rigid and/or unyielding in your thought processes and may need to find balance and a place of reference. Consider the opinions and views of others to gain perspective.
Dreaming in black and white may be a sign of sadness, melancholy and/or depression. You may feel as though there is not enough excitement, variety or colour in your life.

The colour blue vibrates with the energies of wisdom, truth, heaven, devotion, eternity, tranquillity, loyalty, openness, receptivity and loyalty.
Seeing blue in your dreams may suggest a feeling, need or desire to get away from a situation.
Blue in your dreams may symbolize your Spirit Guide (or a higher spiritual beings) guiding you.
The colour blue appearing in dreams may symbolize your Spirit Guide and Divine life path and soul mission. It also suggests clarity of mind and optimism for the future.
Alternatively, dreaming of blue may be suggesting ‘being blue’ or ‘feeling blue’.
Blue can also suggest optimism about the future and suggests clarity of mind.
Alternatively, the colour blue may be a metaphor for ‘feeling blue’ or ‘being blue’.
Wearing light blue in your dreams symbolizes your personal creativity and suggests that you are a person who likes to pace yourself in all that you do in your waking life.
The colour blue is a conceptual colour that urges us to seek our inner-truths. When blue appears in your dreams it helps you to attain inner-peace and harmony, mental security and a desire for deeper understanding.
Blue is stimulating to our spiritual security. If there is a long of blue in your dream it allows for composure, patience, gentleness and contentment.
Navy blue can be seen as a rigid or stoic colour and seen in dreams, navy blue can represent lack of individuality and conformity.
The colour blue appearing in dreams inspires:
love, kindness and compassion, wisdom, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, healing, contemplation and sensitivity.
Seeing blue in your dreams releases:
fear and anxiety, self-pity, self-rejection, worry, depression and detachment, passivity, coldness and isolation.

Brown resonates with the introverted, concealment (as in identity), sensation and material items. The colour brown denotes practicality, domestic bliss, worldliness, conservatism and being ‘down to earth’.
Seeing brown in your dreams may be suggesting that you get ‘back to basics’.

The colour burgundy appearing in dreams can symbolize success, wealth, abundance and prosperity. Dreaming of burgundy can be indicative of your personal power and potential.

The colour fuchsia represents your connection to your spirituality and emotional stability.
Dreaming of fuchsia may suggest the letting go of the ‘old’ to allow in the ‘new’.

Gold represent the Sun, the royal way and spiritual enlightenment. Spiritually, the colour gold reflects richness, refinement, rewards and enhancement.
Dreaming of the colour gold can signify your determined nature and ability to connect with the spiritual and angelic realms for guidance and support.

Green symbolizes growth, positive change, healing and peace. Seeing green in your dream may suggest or symbolize your efforts to establish your independence or gain personal recognition.
Green resonates with natural life, vigour, growth, hope, good health, healing and balance and when appearing in dreams symbolizes and stimulates feelings of love, harmony, peace and personal growth.
Green seen within a dream is beneficial for healing any deep brooding feelings of regret and/or remorse.
Green appearing in dreams helps with overcoming and limiting attachments. Green energy is very healing on feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. Overall, the colour green is a very healing energy and vibration to experience in your dreams.
The colour green signifies positive changes, growth and fertility, peace and serenity. Dreaming of the colour green may be giving you the ‘green light’, implying that you are to go ahead with current plans.
Seeing green in your dreams can be implying that you are inexperienced or lack experience is some way.
Green appearing in your dreams may be symbolic of your ambitions and establishing your own independence.
Green appearing in your dreams may be suggesting that there is a need to balance your masculine and feminine aspects and attributes.
The colour green can be symbolic of money and wealth and is also the colour of envy and jealousy, depending upon the tone or theme of the dream.
Dark green can indicate materialistic tendencies, deceit and difficulties with sharing.
Olive green symbolizes natural inner-wisdom and ‘Zen’. Appearing in a dream, the colour olive green may be suggesting that you need to achieve peace in your environment in order to gain equilibrium.
Seeing green in your dreams inspires:
generosity, vitality, power, expansion, encouragement, open-heartedness, a need to nurture, compassion and empathy, sharing, harmony, balance and growth.
Green appearing in dreams releases:
possessiveness and jealousy, selfish attachment, envy, insecurity, mistrust and self-doubt.

Grey often symbolizes a lack of clarity and feeling confused, but alternatively, also symbolizes deep inner-wisdom. Seeing the colour grey in a dream may suggest being emotionally detached to something, a situation or someone.
It may also indicate feelings of fear, depression, confusion or ill-health.
The colour grey indicates depression, fear and fright, ill-health, confusion and ambivalence.
Dreaming of grey may be indicating that you are feeling isolated, detached and/or emotionally distant.
The colour grey, when appearing in your dreams, may be symbolizing your individualism.

Indigo is the colour of heightened spirituality and Divine guidance and protection.
Listen carefully and take special notice of dreams containing indigo, purple and violet.

Ivory seen in dreams can sometimes suggest a superiority complex and feelings of being ‘better’ than others.

Magenta represents compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness. Seeing magenta in your dreams may be a sign that you are stepping out of a dark time into brighter, happier ones.

To see the colour mauve in your dreams is a sign or message that you are to clear away any negative thoughts and energies and adopt a positive and optimistic attitude and mind-set.

The colour maroon represents courage and bravery, heroism and inner-strength. Seeing it in your dreams may suggest an upcoming event or situation that will challenge you on many levels.

Orange symbolizes friendliness and sociability. Seeing orange in a dream may be showing you new interests and/or things that you are comfortable with. It may also suggest that you are leaning towards taking up a new interest or project.
The colour orange implies occult power as well as passion, courage and achievement.
Orange in a dream corresponds with warmth and stimulation and is a happy, joyous colour.
Seeing orange in a dream stimulates expansiveness, optimism and emotional balance.
Orange seen in a dream often suggests ambition and exploration, enthusiasm and self-motivation.
If you are someone who has a tendency to be mistrusting or suspicious, or if you are seeking more personal power, seeing orange in a dream can assist in creating balance, discernment and discrimination.
The healing, yet stimulating affects of the colour orange, when appearing in a dream, may stimulate inner-knowing and enhances intuition.
The colour orange denotes friendliness, hope, courtesy, sociability, liveliness and exuberance. Orange also stimulates all of our senses.
Seeing orange in your dreams may be a message that you desire to broaden your horizons. It is time to look to new interests and attractions.
The colour orange appearing in your dreams inspires:
enthusiasm and optimism, courage, victory, confidence, encouragement, abundant supply, attraction, kindness and expansion.
Seeing orange in dreams releases:
mistrust, a superiority complex, power-seeking pride and superficiality.

The colour peach represents love, wisdom and innocence. Dreaming of peaches or peach coloured items may be pointing out your nurturing and caring nature, and is a prompt to put them to good use.

Pink is the colour of love, happiness and joy, kindness and affection. Dreaming of pink can imply falling in love or being in love and the associated emotions.
Disliking the colour pink, and seeing it in your dreams may be implying problems to do with your parents (predominantly with the mother figure or maternal side) and/or dependency issues.

Purple resonates with power and inspiration. The colour purple is most deeply associated with dreams and dreaming. Listen carefully and take special notice of dreams containing purple, indigo and violet.
Seeing purple in our dreams stimulate our need to feel at one with the Universe, and to have harmonious relationships.
Purple has soothing, calming and comforting effects and seeing purple in a dream may indicate psychic awareness and intuition.
When seeing purple in a dream you may be seeing the future as these dreams are often prophetic. Purple stimulates our spiritual perspective and intuition.
Purple is the colour of devotion, Divine healing and healing abilities, love, kindness, compassion and care. Purple is also the colour or royalty, justice, wealth, dignity and integrity.
Dreaming of purple may be imply that your spiritual side needs to be explored and expanded. Trust your intuition, always.
Take special note of dreams with a prevalence of the colour purple.
Purple appearing in your dreams inspires:
inspiration and vision, faith and trust in the future, sensitivity to the spiritual realms and psychic abilities.
Seeing purple in your dreams releases:
confusion (brings clarity), lack of discipline, resentment and contempt, arrogance, pride and forgetfulness.

A rainbow appearing in a dream denotes blessings from the heavens, and often represents the 7 main Chakras of the human body being open and operating at their optimum or are in the process of being cleared and/or healed.
Dreaming of a rainbow or rainbow colours may suggest a pact or agreement, a promise or solemn oath.
A rainbow always suggest a bright, or brighter, future.

Red can symbolize courage, passion and emotional relationships. Red is also the colour of danger. Red represents energy and vitality, action, fire, blood, anger, wine and powerful sexuality.
When seeing red in your dream you may wish to consider what your personal associations are with the colour red to decipher whether it symbolizes love and passion, or caution and danger.
Seeing a predominance of red, or a distinctive object or symbol in red indicates energy and reaction as well as passion and anger. A clear red in a dream can symbolize pure anger. A muddy or murky red may suggest repressed and/or suppressed anger. Red in your dream may represent aggression, sensation and physical strength.
Having red appear in a dream can be revitalizing and stimulating, motivating action. Red vibrates with raw energy, intense passion, aggression, courage, power and impulsiveness. The colour red has deep spiritual and emotional connotations and stimulates all of our senses.
The phrase ‘seeing red’ suggests anger, and seeing it in a dream can suggest unresolved issues.
Appearing in a dream, red may be implying that you need to stop and think about your actions, and consequent re-actions.
If you are a person inclined to dwell in the past, seeing red in your dreams helps to bring you into the present moment.
Seeing the colour red in dreams inspires:
determination, honour, willpower, freedom, activity, strength, independence, initiative, leadership, passion, energy, anger and motivation.
Red appearing in a dream releases:
anger and frustration, confusion, destructive feelings, revenge, rebellion, impatience and impulsiveness.

The colour silver is symbolic of protective energies and represents justice and purity.

The colour teal signifies devotion, healing and trustworthiness. Teal also signifies spiritual guidance and spiritual teachings.

The colour turquoise is symbolic of karma, natural energies and healing power and abilities.
Teal is associated with the Sun, fire and masculine energies.
Depending upon the context or theme of the dream, seeing teal may indicate that you are shutting off your emotions and not allowing others in. It may also suggest that you fear upcoming changes in your life.

Violet is the highest spiritual colour and seeing brighter shades helps to inspire and stimulate us and opens the channel for communicating with the angelic and spiritual realms.
The colour violet represents high spirituality, purification, affection, gentleness, charm and peacefulness.
Dreaming of violet urges you to listen to your intuitive urgings and prompts as they are leading you along your Divine life path and soul purpose.
Seeing darker shades of violet in your dreams may suggest a person who feels as though they have many obstacles to overcome and/or feeling misunderstood.
Listen carefully and take special notice of dreams containing violet, indigo and purple.

White is often regarded as the colour of truth and purity, innocence and completeness. The colour white is symbolic of perfection, peace, dignity, awareness and new beginnings.
Dreaming of white may be implying that you are experiencing a reawakening and/or a fresh outlook on life.
Seeing white in your dreams may also be a suggestion that something is being covered-up or hidden; as in ‘white-washed’.
White appearing in your dreams can also be indicative of a ‘clean slate’ or ‘blank canvas’ on which to begin or start anew.
Seeing white in your dreams may be a subconscious message to find the truth to a matter or situation, or to seek your own personal truths.
Seeing white within a dream relates to the imagination, and its effects on us stimulates creativity, Divine realization and humility.
When appearing in dreams leads us towards higher spiritual attunement and Divine love. Dreaming of white can be a great healing colour for a person with a negative self-image as white has the power of transformation.
Seeing white in our dreams inspires:
intuition, creativity, Divine guidance, meditation, reflection, inner-wisdom, grace and dignity and spiritual unity.
White appearing in dreams releases:
restrictions, intolerance, martyrdom, a critical and/or negative view.

The colour yellow carries both positive and negative connotations, depending upon the theme or context of the dream. Positively, seeing yellow in a dream may suggest happiness and joy, agility, harmony, wisdom, energy and the intellect. If the dream is unpleasant in nature, seeing yellow can represent disgrace, deceit, disgrace, betrayal, cowardice and illness or sickness.
Seeing yellow in your dreams may suggest a fear or inability to make a choice or decision, or to take necessary action/s. It may be implying that your desire to please others is making you at risk of sacrificing your own needs and inner-happiness. As a result, challenges and set-backs may appear in your life.
To dream of being in a yellow room suggests that you are to utilize your intuition, personal creativity and initiative to get things done. It tells of mental stimulation.
Yellow symbolizes the intellect, energy, inner-wisdom and happiness. Seeing yellow in a pleasant and/or happy dream can suggest the intuition and intuitive messages that foretell of blessings and glad tidings.
In an unpleasant or sad dream, seeing yellow may suggest sickness to come, or cowardice in a real life situation.
Yellow represents the extrovert and an extroverted personality, mental power and agility, determination, and negatively, cowardice.
Seeing yellow in a dream relates to our intellectual thinking process and stimulates logical linear thinking. The colour yellow stimulates left-brain activity, active intelligence, organisation, attention to detail, evaluation, sincerity and harmony, praise, administration, heightened expression and personal freedom.
When yellow appears in dreams it must often suggests happiness, inner-joy and blessings.
The healing power of the colour yellow, when appearing in dreams, works on both known and unknown fears. Yellow in your dreams will gradually release the tension from an accumulation of fearful experiences.
Seeing yellow in a dream inspires:
joy and optimism, expression, ability, attention to detail, active intelligence, evaluation, discipline, organization and administration.
The colour yellow appearing in dreams releases:
constriction and restriction, sorrow, selfishness and selfish judgement, bitterness, cynicism and criticism.

Understanding the energy and vibration of colour is understanding the essence of energy.

Joanne Walmsley  
Sacred Scribes




RED is the first Ray and resonates with Archangel Michael and the Ascended Master El Moreya.

YELLOW is the second Ray and resonates with Archangel Jophiel and Lord Kuthumi.

PINK is the third Ray and resonates with Archangel Chamuel and the Ascended Master Serapis Bey.

WHITE relates to all Rays and resonates with Archangel Gabriel and Paul the Venetian.

EMERALD GREEN is the fourth Ray and resonates with Archangel Gabriel and Paul the Venetian.

ORANGE is the fifth Ray and resonates with Archangel Raphael and the Master Hilarian.

INDIGO is the sixth Ray and resonates with Archangel Uriel and Sananda (Jesus Christ)

VIOLET is the seventh Ray and resonates with Archangel Zadkiel and Saint-Germain.

Joanne Walmsley




Including:  All About GOLD, GOLD Around the World and in History, GOLD as a favourite colour, GOLD Clothes – Wearing GOLD Clothing, GOLD Foods, GOLD in our DREAMS – Dreaming of GOLD, GOLD in the TAROT, GOLD Essential Oils, GOLD CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES – Crystal Healing, GOLD in the AURA, GOLD in the CHAKRAS, HEALING with GOLD – Colour Therapy using GOLD.

GOLD is an extravagant, glorious and luxurious colour that represents wealth, luxury, vibrant health and success, power and confidence.

GOLD has been revered by many different cultures throughout the centuries for its Sun inspired colour, brilliance and its ability to connect us to the Divine. The colour GOLD reflects spiritual awakening and enlightenment, and spiritual rewards and riches. Both the colour and precious metal embody the highest of spiritual essences and energies.

GOLD resonates with the Earth’s energies and carries a wealth of symbology, and relates to masculine energies and ‘Yang’. GOLD is associated with the Sun and the Element of Fire, the direction of South, the zodiac sign of Leo and The Sun Tarot card.

GOLD relates to absolute authority, self-confidence and self-esteem, creativity, perfection, solar energies and solar magic, male/masculine energies, illumination, compassion, love, passion, courage, inner-wisdom, wealth, power, abundance, prosperity, financial matters, investment, luxury, winning, worldly power, financial riches, overcoming bad habits and addictions.

GOLD also signifies determination and an unyielding nature.

Throughout history, GOLD has been revered by nearly all cultures for a variety of reasons, such as its decorative purposes, its monetary value as a precious metal, its pliability and intense beauty.  

GOLD also vibrates to and reflects a high spiritual energy.

Golden apples, golden flaxseed, golden raisins.

Choosing GOLD as a favourite colour indicates someone who is intelligent, optimistic and loving, and one who puts their plans into action by taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals and aspirations. It suggests that they use their wisdom and personal power for the highest good for themselves and others.

People who prefer GOLD are often optimistic, vibrant and enthusiastic, who have panache, flair and extravagant tastes. They have a love of the finer things in life and are interested in drama, art and all things of beauty. Their taste in home decor and clothing can sometimes be a little flamboyant and dramatic, yet admirable.

Those who have GOLD as their favourite colour can find success in any area that they set their mind to, although they have a tendency to have too many passions and interests going on at the same time, making it difficult to commit to one path, ambition or goal at a time.

Those whose favourite colour is GOLD are able to lead successful lives by staying open to options and opportunities that cross their paths.

Those who favour GOLD can sometimes come across as bossy, arrogant and/or overbearing to others.

The colour GOLD boosts confidence and assists with self-esteem, and wearing GOLD clothes and accessories attracts admirers and also helps to attract positive energies and elements into one’s life. It encourages positive changes and brings about success and fulfilment.

GOLD represent the Sun, the answer ‘Yes’, confirmation, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. On a spiritual level, the colour GOLD reflects richness, refinement, rewards and enhancement.

Dreaming of the colour GOLD can signify your determined nature and ability to connect with the spiritual and angelic realms for guidance and support.

To dream of being in a GOLDEN room or being totally surrounded in GOLD suggests that you are to utilize your intuition, personal creativity and initiative to get things done in your life.

Dreaming of GOLD can suggest intuitive messages that foretell of blessings and glad tidings.

GOLD appearing in the Tarot deck relates to spirituality, Divine and inner-wisdom and the intellect.

When GOLD is seen on the Tarot cards it indicates that intuition and intelligence will come to the fore in order to find a solution to a problem or issue. It indicates positive results and outcomes.

GOLDEN YELLOW is associated with The SUN Tarot card(19) which encompasses it’s love of life. The SUN Tarot card denotes 'YES'.


GOLD CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES  -  Crystal Healing
Ametrine, Fire Agate, Carnelian.

GOLD in the AURA
GOLD appearing in the aura reflects dynamic spiritual energy and a true coming into one’s own power. It reflects the higher energies of devotion and the restoration of harmony. GOLD indicates strong enthusiasm, great inspiration and a time of revitalization.  

The muddier shades of GOLD appearing in the aura can indicate that the person is still in the process of spiritually awakening and finding enlightenment and reflects the alchemical process still being active. Muddy GOLD appearing in the aura is indicative of the process of awakening spiritually and striving for higher aspirations.

GOLDEN YELLOW appearing in the aura suggests a depth of spiritual qualities and denotes a soul on the pathway to spirituality; GOLD representing the higher spiritual pathway. GOLDEN YELLOW reflects the elevation of the mind to a higher sense of consciousness and indicates great inspiration. It is interesting that victims of strokes often exhibit GOLDEN YELLOW in their auras around the head and neck. GOLDEN YELLOW is the colour of the evolved consciousness.

Colours within the Aura

GOLDEN YELLOW governs the Solar Plexus Chakra, which acts as the ‘brain centre’ to the nervous system. GOLDEN YELLOW is to do with intuition, the intellect, mental power and concentration and is a vibrant life force. GOLDEN YELLOW promotes a sense of self-confidence to help us cope during stressful situations.

GOLD balances the Sacral Chakra. When the Sacral Chakra is blocked we experience restlessness, confusion, a still and/or sore lower back, and a lack of sexual desire or pleasure.

Colour Healing and the Chakras

GOLD is an excellent colour and energy to use when projecting healing energies (eg. distant healing/s), as it is the Universal and supreme healing and transformative colour.

In colour healing and therapy, the colour GOLD is used to overcome addictions, and is useful for any depressive conditions as it is energetic, inspirational and uplifting.

Too little exposure to the colour GOLD can make one become demanding and selfish, and possibly mean-spirited and nasty.

Too much GOLD can make one self-centered and power-seeking.

Introduction to Colour Healing – Chromotherapy

Joanne Walmsley        
Sacred Scribes