Including:  All About ORANGE, * ORANGE Around the World and in History * ORANGE as a favourite colour * ORANGE Clothes – Wearing ORANGE Clothing * ORANGE Foods * ORANGE in our DREAMS – Dreaming of ORANGE  * ORANGE in the TAROT CARDS * ORANGE ESSENTIAL OILS *  ORANGE CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES – Crystal Healing * ORANGE in the AURA * ORANGE in the CHAKRAS * HEALING with ORANGE – Colour Therapy using ORANGE *

ORANGE is the second colour to be seen in the spectrum and represents liveliness, happy memories and courage. 

ORANGE, being comprised of a mix of the colours 
RED and YELLOW, is a warm colour that has the ability to stimulate and arouse the senses. ORANGE symbolizes active intelligence, gaiety and social happenings, self-confidence and the joy of expression. ORANGE encourages energy, activity, motivation and incentive.

The colour ORANGE sparks controversy moreso than other hues as there is often either a strong positive or negative association with it, and true ORANGE generally elicits a reaction of either ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’.

ORANGE denotes hope, courtesy, generosity, liveliness, sociability, exuberance and an out-going character. 

ORANGE stimulates all of our senses and makes us feel alive. ORANGE encourages us to expand our horizons and look to new interests.

ORANGE symbolizes enthusiasm, optimism, outgoingness, confidence, flamboyance, extroverted and exciting, joyfulness and courage, tolerance and passion. ORANGE lifts the spirits, fosters humour and loosens repression.

ORANGE represents vitality, dynamic energy and good health. Fun and flamboyant ORANGE radiates warmth and positive energies. ORANGE is out-going, self-assured, intelligent, busy, bright and happy.

ORANGE relates to successful property deals and business goals, legal matters and commerce. It resonates with communication, optimism, concentration, amicability, strength, authority and action. ORANGE relates to enthusiasm, adventure, rejuvenation, and spontaneity.

ORANGE is warming, cheering and passionate, and relates to good decision-making and good luck, kindness, celebration, sensuality, charm, enthusiasm, encouragement and optimism. ORANGE helps to find new options and opportunities and brings the energy to achieve our goals and aspirations. ORANGE relates to creative thinking and self-expression.  

ORANGE stimulates creativity and shows new possibilities and other options in life, and helps to assimilate new ideas.  

ORANGE is also helpful in dealing with excess sexual expression.  

ORANGE stimulates the mind and renews interest in life. It is a great motivating colour that boosts the self-esteem and is a friendly, sociable colour. ORANGE encourages aspects associated with career success, creativity and achieving goals.

ORANGE resonates with attraction, charm, kindness, encouragement, stimulation, success, abundance and prosperity, feast and celebration, comfort, achieving business goals, success with investments and legal matters.

ORANGE represents the drive to find reality through their own experiences and other people’s. ORANGE stimulates our drive and concern for social preservation and happy families, social gatherings and functions supporting communities and groups of people. 

ORANGE represents our drive for social acceptance and is a warm and stimulating colour.  

ORANGE stimulates less concern with self-survival and more involvement with assisting in group and social functions.

Being a social colour, ORANGE is useful for decorative highlights in places where people gather, such as family rooms.

ORANGE is a happy colour that stimulates optimism, emotional balance, and expansiveness. ORANGE also relates to creativity, harmony, sexuality, passion, freedom, 
intuition, and expression of emotions. The colour ORANGE denotes friendliness, hope, courtesy, liveliness and exuberance. ORANGE also stimulates all of our senses.

ORANGE relates to ambition, the herd or pack instinct, agitations, restlessness, business and exploration. ORANGE resonates with the movement of sexual energies towards the thought-processes, and causes fresh interest in politics and the like.

ORANGE relates to pride.

The colour ORANGE expresses the vital life force and the energy of the Sun. It resonates with energy, activity and vitality. 

ORANGE affects us by stimulating the appetite, and encouraging us to be friendly and socialization.

ORANGE relates to courage, and implies occult power as well as passion and achievement.  It also resonates with our emotional identity and self-gratification.

ORANGE is the colour of the ‘social butterfly’.

The musical scale related to ORANGE is ‘RE’ and its associated with the Elements of Fire and Water. The planet related to ORANGE is the Sun and Mercury, and the direction is South. ORANGE is related to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the season of Autumn (Fall).

PALE ORANGE denotes jealousy and envy.

Too much ORANGE can make us become manipulative, self-centred and self-serving.  It can make us disregard the needs of others, and make us prideful and arrogant.  

Over-exposure to the colour ORANGE makes us hide our emotions and makes us over-sensitive and easily hurt. This can lead to mistrust of others, leading us to our becoming introverted and unable to express or show our true emotions. It can cause us to worry about what others think of us, and can even lead to anti-social behaviour.

Not enough exposure to ORANGE in our lives can make us feel distrustful, timid, frigid, shy and over-sensitive. It makes us lose our motivation and self-esteem, and encourages the tendency to isolate ourselves and/or become rebellious.  

Because of ORANGE’S vibrancy, young people are drawn and attracted to its warming, yet stimulating influences and energies.

ORANGE is emotionally uplifting and resonates with acceptance of our social love  -  being unafraid to sing and dance and proclaim yourself as a lover of humanity.

-  In Ancient times, ORANGE was expressive of wisdom, reasoning powers and balance.
-  In China and Japan ORANGE is used to symbolize love and happiness.
-  Native American Indians associate the colour ORANGE with kinship.
-  ORANGE is the national colour of The Netherlands (Holland), dating back to the Dutch War of Independence and the rebel Prince of ORANGE.
-  The use of ORANGE in Ireland dates back to the reign of William of Orange, the Protestant English king.
-  ORANGE is representative of ‘gluttony’ in Christianity.

Those who choose ORANGE as their favourite colour are often ‘young-at-heart’, adaptable and versatile and are a fun and happy person.

People who prefer ORANGE generally know what they want from their lives and are not afraid to take the necessary steps to achieve their goals and aspirations. They are self-confident, assertive and determined to create success in their lives.

People who have a preference for the colour ORANGE generally have a lot of energy and can be competitive as well as entertaining.

ORANGE people generally love their freedom, and enjoy exploring new opportunities and adventures and do not like to be tied to any one given situation, place or person.

Those whose favourite colour is ORANGE can be too forceful at times and can be domineering and undiplomatic within their relationships with others.

A person who has an aversion to ORANGE may have suppressed sexual feelings and/or other difficulties to do with sensual enjoyment of life.

People who choose ORANGE as their favourite colour and/or wear it, are generally ambitious and competitive, optimistic and expansive, warm and hospitable, and most often have humanitarian inclinations.  

People who wear ORANGE often seek acceptance from others and crave social contact. They love big projects with a worldwide scope and ideal, and they love expansion in all ways.

The colour ORANGE resonates with courage, adventure, physicality and balance, and those who wear ORANGE generally resonate with good health, positive energies and balancing life. 

People who wear ORANGE are warm, sociable, dynamic and independent people who dedicate themselves to whatever they do.

Those who wear a great deal of ORANGE are competent and self-oriented, yet are often impatient. They are independent and self-motivated and make excellent organizers.

People who wear ORANGE often have a forceful will and tend to be highly active and competitive. ORANGE wearers are excitable, and at times, can tend to domineer and dominate others with their enthusiasm, personal power and self-will.

A person who wears a lot of ORANGE may feel a need to increase their self-confidence and energy levels, vitality and joy. They often set positive examples for others in regards to maintaining a healthy life and lifestyle.
Being a social and friendly colour, those who wear ORANGE often have many friends and associates and enjoy the company of others. People who wear ORANGE often have a need for freedom and excitement to pursue new ideas and opportunities.

ORANGE brings about an emotional release of energy by those who wear it. Wearing ORANGE helps one to explore and embrace new and exciting ideas, concepts and opportunities.

BRIGHT ORANGE and BURNT-ORANGE can make the wearer feel blocked and frustrated.

In plant foods, ORANGE is often an indicator of a high carotene content. ORANGE coloured fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants such as cartenoids and Vitamin C.  ORANGE fruits and vegetables are vital for maintaining healthy neuro/endocrine and reproductive systems.

ORANGE foods include:
Almonds, apricots, butternut squash, cantaloupe, coriander, kumquat, mangoes, nectarines, orange carrot, orange peppers, orange tomatoes, oranges, papayas, paprika, 
peaches, persimmons, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, tangerines, walnuts and Winter squash.

ORANGE appearing in a dream symbolizes confidence, optimism and change, self-motivation and courage, friendliness and sociability.  Seeing ORANGE in a dream 
may be suggesting new interests and/or things that you are comfortable with.  

Seeing ORANGE in your dream may also indicate that you are leaning towards taking up a new interest or project.

ORANGE appearing in a dream corresponds with warmth and stimulation and is a happy, joyous colour that stimulates expansiveness and emotional balance. It suggests ambition and exploration, enthusiasm and motivation.

If you are someone who has a tendency to be mistrusting or suspicious, or if you are seeking more personal power, seeing ORANGE in a dream can assist in creating balance, discernment and discrimination and boosting self-esteem and confidence.

The healing, yet stimulating affects of ORANGE, when appearing in a dream, may stimulate inner-knowing and inner-wisdom, and enhance intuition and insight.

Seeing ORANGE in your dreams may be a message that you desire to broaden your horizons and may be telling you that it is time to look to new interests and attractions.

ORANGE appearing in your dreams inspires:
enthusiasm and optimism, courage, victory, confidence, encouragement, abundant supply, attraction, kindness and expansion.

Seeing ORANGE in dreams releases:
mistrust, a superiority complex, power-seeking pride and superficiality.

COLOUR DREAMING  - What the Colours in Dreams Mean

When the colour ORANGE is seen within the Tarot cards, it often indicates a time or situation that will require intuition, courage and positive action.  

ORANGE is connected to The MAGICIAN (1) Tarot card.


Benzoin, Cardamon, Carrot Seed, Cinnamon, Coriander, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lemon, Neroli, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang.

ORANGE crystals and gemstones aid and increase personal power, self-esteem and self-confidence.

A good balance of ORANGE will allow a person to handle the ups and downs of life with grace and finesse, and helps us to quickly recover from disappointments, wounded prided or a broken heart.

ORANGE crystals stimulate creativity and the ability to adapt and adjust to changes easily and gracefully.

Amber, Ametrine (Quartz), Bisumth, Cachemirine Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine (Quartz), Clinohumite, Corundum, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Fluorite Garnet, Golden Sapphire, 
Golden Tourmaline, Grossular Garnet, Hessonite (Garnet), Malaya Garnet, Mandarin Garnet, Mexican Fire Opal, Mexican Jelly Opal, Mexican Matrix Opal, Orange Agate, Orange Amber, Orange Beryl, Orange Calcite, Orange Chalcedony, Orange Garnet, Orange Jade, Orange Quartz, Orange Rhodochrosite, Orange Sapphire, Orange Spinel, Orange Tourmaline, Padparadsha Sapphire,  Peach Adventurine, Peach Moonstone, Precious Topaz, Sheelite, Spessartine Garnet, Sunstone.

When ORANGE appears in the aura in a balanced way, it tells of analytical thought, the ability to apply the intellect in a practical manner, an abundance of ideas, inventiveness, self-confidence, high motivation, healing energies and abilities, and the energies of manifesting  prosperity and abundance.

ORANGE that tends to RED may depict enjoyment, passion, a need for action, pride, idealism and conceit.

ORANGE that tends to YELLOW may attest to a sharp intellect, diligence, persistence, a productive, a purposeful mind, the ability to use the intellect and self-confidence.

ORANGE appearing in the aura in an unbalanced way tells of ignorance, exaggerated ambition, aggression and competitive thinking.

Muddy ORANGE seen in the aura can reflect vanity and worry.

ORANGE relates to courage, dynamic energy, good health and vitality.

ORANGE is the colour of the Sacral Chakra, which is located beneath the naval through to the base of the back and left-hand side of the spleen.  he Sacral Chakra is linked to the sexual organs and reproductive system. Opening this chakra frees and encourages creativity and fertility.

The Spleen Chakra is known as the ‘Life Force’ or ‘Vitality Centre’, and brings self-confidence and creativity, and enhances the sense of integration and completeness.  

ORANGE and its resonance with the Spleen Chakra allows for the imagination to be used constructively. 

A balanced Spleen Chakra allows a person to utilize their creative energies to their highest potential.

When the Spleen Chakra is blocked we experience guilt, restlessness, a stiff lower back, confusion, and a lack of sexual desires and/or pleasure.

Colour Healing and the Chakras

ORANGE is the blending of RED (physical action) with YELLOW (wisdom) rays, and its healing power is greater than the two individual colours alone.  

The healing energies of ORANGE stimulates the inner-knowledge that we are all ONE. ORANGE elevates the consciousness to rise above the ‘Self’.

In Colour Healing and Therapy, ORANGE is used for revitalizing the energies and aids recuperation after illness and grief. ORANGE is used for emotional and mental ailments and to aid depressive states such as melancholy and grief.

ORANGE is used to assist with nervous or depressed states as it arouses gaiety, joy and interest in life;  it dispels a lack of self-confidence and belief and helps when there is a lack of enthusiasm and energy. ORANGE releases and lifts the emotions.

The colour ORANGE has a soothing and anti-spasmodic effect on the human body and has the ability to fortify blood flow. ORANGE is linked to the pancreas and spleen, the digestive system and kidneys. It is used to treat asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems, pulmonary problems, pains in the joints, stomach problems, calcium issues, muscle spasms and feminine problems such as menstrual disorders, sterility and impaired fertility. ORANGE also reinforces the metabolism. 

ORANGE helps to maintain good vision and strengthens the immune system. It may also strengthen teeth and bones, and helps the body to heal wounds and keeps the skin healthy.

ORANGE alleviates emotional repression and sexual issues, and treats the thyroid, muscle cramps and spasms, bladder and bowel (large intestine) issues, and increases lactation.

Use ORANGE to help asthma, bronchitis, constipation, gas, diarrhea, haemorrhoids and hypoglycaemia.

With a tendency to be mistrusting or suspicious, or have prideful inclinations, ORANGE can assist with finding balance, discrimination and discernment.

The colour ORANGE especially fortifies the etheric body and promotes general good health.

Excessive use of ORANGE can lead to over-excitement and/or over-indulgence.

Introduction to Colour Healing – Chromotherapy

Joanne Walmsley      
Sacred Scribes




Including:  All About PURPLE * PURPLE Around the World and in History * PURPLE as a favourite colour * PURPLE Clothes – Wearing PURPLE Clothing * PURPLE Foods * PURPLE in our DREAMS – Dreaming of PURPLE  * PURPLE in the TAROT CARDS * PURPLE ESSENTIAL OILS *  PURPLE CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES – Crystal Healing * PURPLE in the AURA * PURPLE in the CHAKRAS * HEALING with PURPLE – Colour Therapy using PURPLE *

PURPLE light has the shortest wave and the highest vibrational frequency. The traditional meaning of the colour PURPLE is that of spiritual fulfilment, and it is associated with nobility and power.

PURPLE is a deeply rich, comforting and engulfing colour that resonates with passion and energy, with the warmth of RED blended with the calmness, coolness and sophistication of BLUE.

PURPLE is used to inspire and motivate us to put our creativity into action.

The colour PURPLE is indicative of devotion, Divine healing and healing abilities, kindness, love and lovingness, compassion, care and empathy. PURPLE is also the colour of mysticism and spirituality, justice, wealth, dignity, integrity and high rank, and resonates with power and inspiration. PURPLE represents Divine guidance, protection, creativity, art, beliefs, imagination and extra-sensory abilities

PURPLE enhances inspiration, reinforces spiritual awareness and enlightenment and meditative abilities.
PURPLE relates to mystery, perceptions, psychic abilities, transformation, spiritual insight, spiritual renewal and power, psychic healing, balancing polarities, astral projection, paranormal sensitivity, compassion, active dreaming, personal power and inner-wisdom. PURPLE relates to the intuition and is deeply associated with dreams.

PURPLE stimulates our spiritual perspective and is the colour of transformation, contemplation, reservation, and meditation. PURPLE uplifts, calms the mind and nerves, offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity. PURPLE brings spiritual insights and renewal, and encourages restful sleep.

PURPLE has long been the colour of royalty, dating back to a time when the monarch was thought to have a direct link to the heavens. PURPLE resonates with divination and prophecy, angels, psychic healing, psychic abilities, reversing curses and counter-acting negativity/black magic, meditation and inspiration, spirituality, astral projection and the Third Eye.

PURPLE represents the planets Jupiter and Mercury, and is associated with the Element of Spirit, the zodiac sign of Pisces and The HIGH PRIESTESS and EMPEROR Tarot cards. PURPLE is also associated with the month of February, and the birthstone associate with this month is Amethyst.

-  PURPLE was the colour of the very first dye made by humans.  It was called ‘Mauveine’ and was made from coal –tar.
-  Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of mediation is increased ten times when done in a PURPLE light.
-  In Thailand, the colour PURPLE is worn by a widow mourning her husbands’ death.
-  The PURPLE of the U.S. Military’s ‘Purple Heart’ award represents courage.
-  Roman Emperors were referred to as ‘The Purple’; indicative of the colour of the robes they wore.  Julius and Augustus Caesar, Emperors of Rome, decreed that only the Emperor were to wear PURPLE.  When Nero became the Emperor, the sale and wearing of PURPLE clothing was punishable by death.
-  In Japan the colour PURPLE signifies social status, position and wealth.
-  PURPLE is the royal colour of the Caesars.
-  In Egypt, PURPLE denotes faith and virtue.
-  In Iranian tradition, PURPLE is the colour of ‘what is to come’.  A Moon or Sun that appears PURPLE during an eclipse is an omen of bloodshed within the year.
-  PURPLE is representative of ‘pride’ in Christianity.  It is also associated with Advent and Lent.

PURPLE as a favourite colour indicates a deeply spiritual person who may be looking for the meaning and answers to questions about what life really means, and how to fully serve their soul mission and life purpose. They often have psychic abilities that need to be enhanced and developed.

People who choose PURPLE as their favourite colour often have a vivid imagination and a talent for creative and artistic pursuits. A vivid imagination fuelled by a strong intuition makes a PURPLE person a very interesting, intriguing and mysterious character, and people are drawn to PURPLE people as they are seen to be an inspirational figure.

People who have a preference for the colour PURPLE are generally very understanding, compassionate and supportive of others. Because of this, many people turn to them for advice and guidance. They are well-liked by others and will go out of their way to help others.

Those who have PURPLE as their favourite colour are often dreamers who prefer to live in a fantasy world rather than face the cold, hard realities of life.

A PURPLE person can also become introverted and secretive, and may have a tendency to hide their real self from others. They may also have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others.

Those who resonate with PURPLE are open to receiving information and knowledge from all kinds of source.

A person with an aversion to PURPLE may be a very serious attitude towards life, and may find it difficult to relate to dreams, fantasies, memories and/or vague fears. They may also have a tendency to reject all that they view as unnatural and/or unrealistic.

Wearing PURPLE clothes suggests level-headedness and higher-wisdom. Those who wear PURPLE are generally great at giving advice and are able to see both sides of a situation and/or issue.

Choosing to wear PURPLE clothing is indicative of someone who is generally an abstract individual who is inspirational, trusting and trustworthy, intuitive and spiritually minded. They are able to tune into the inner-worlds of themselves, others and the Universe.

Those who wear PURPLE possess a sensitive and compassionate nature. They are sensitive to their own personal and spiritual needs, as well as those of others.

PURPLE foods are rich in Vitamin D and contain essential phyto-chemicals and fatty acids, which are beneficial for the cerebral cortex, pineal gland, they lymphatic system, hypothalamus and upper brain function.

PURPLE food include:
Aubergine (eggplant), basil leaves, beetroot, blackberries, black tomatoes, dulse (seaweed), elderberries, grapes, kohirabi, lavender, marjoram, mint flowers, mulberries, passionfruit, passion flower, purple beans, purple broccoli, purple cabbage, purple eggplant, purple grapes, purple (RED) onions, purple peppers, purple plums, rosemary flowers, sage flowers, thyme flowers.

The colour PURPLE is most deeply associated with dreams and dreaming. Listen carefully and take special notice of dreams containing PURPLE, INDIGO and VIOLET.

Seeing PURPLE in our dreams stimulates our need to feel at one with the Universe, and to have harmonious relationships.

PURPLE has soothing, calming and comforting effects and seeing PURPLE in a dream may indicate psychic awareness, strong inner-wisdom and intuition.

When seeing PURPLE in a dream you may be seeing the future as these dreams are often prophetic.

Dreaming of PURPLE may be implying that your spiritual side needs to be explored and expanded.  Trust your intuition, always.

Purple appearing in your dreams inspires:
inspiration and vision, faith and trust in the future, sensitivity to the spiritual realms and psychic abilities.

Seeing purple in your dreams releases:
confusion (brings clarity), lack of discipline, resentment and contempt, arrogance, pride and forgetfulness.

COLOUR DREAMING  - What the Colours in Dreams Mean

When PURPLE is seen on the Tarot cards it implies that guidance and assistance from the highest realm will be available. It also intimates a karmic situation and/or vital life lesson to be learned. PURPLE points to our spiritual selves.

The archetype of The EMPEROR (4) carries with it the Universal influences of the colour Purple. The colour PURPLE is also associated with The HIGH PRIESTESS (2).


PURPLE ESSENTAIL OILS  -  Essential Oils that Resonate with PURPLE
Chamomile, Lotus, Violet.

PURPLE crystals can be used to boost psychic abilities and to aid connection with the angels and spiritual realm.

Alexandrite, Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite, Chevron Amethyst, Charoite, Corundum, Fluorite, Garnet, Holly Blue (Chalcedony), Idocrase, Imperial Purple Jasper, Iolite, Lavender Jade, Lavender Quartz, Lepidolite, Peacock Topaz, Purple Garnet, Purple Jade, Purple Sapphire, Quartz, Rose De France, Scapolite, Selenite, Spinel, Sugilite, Tanzanite (Zoisite), Tiffany stone (Opalite), Umbalite Garnet, Vesuvianite (Idocrase), Violet Sapphire, Violet Spinel, Water Sapphire (Iolite).

Appearing in the aura in a balanced way, the colour PURPLE attests to powerful intuition, extra-sensory abilities, the ability to receive spiritual messages and information, personal spirituality and spiritual abilities.

PURPLE in the aura denotes creativity, idealism, devotion, a calm and tranquil attitude, and the ability to change, adapt and develop.

The colour PURPLE appearing in the aura in an unbalanced way may attest to obsessive behaviour, a lack of justice and justness, religious fanaticism, intolerance of anything different, belief in punishment and penalization, the use of negative energies and impotence.

IMPERIAL PURPLE is the most common colour found in the aura of those seeking the ‘New Age’ path.

Colours within the Aura

The colour PURPLE is associated with the Crown Chakra and represents insight, wisdom and our ability to see beyond what is considered to be the normal span of visual perception.

The Crown Chakra ensures that you are connected to the Universal Energies. A balanced Crown Chakra allows us to be in-tune with our inner-wisdom and intuition.

Colour Healing and the Chakras

In Colour Healing and Therapy, PURPLE can be used for emotional and mental issues associated with addiction.  

PURPLE helps to balance the mind to transform fears and obsessions. PURPLE acts as a sedative, bringing calm and peace to an over-active and/or over-stimulated mind.

The colour PURPLE has powerful healing qualities and assists with nervous problems and mental diseases.  

PURPLE decreases sensitivity to pain and decreases sexual activity. PURPLE also helps with detoxification.

PURPLE heals hysteria, melancholy, delusions, addictions, and soothes disharmony and counter-acts depression and mental and emotional stress. PURPLE helps to heal mental/emotional/psychological problems, eyes, ears, pineal gland, addictions, aids recovery, stimulates the spleen, increases white blood cells, decreases pain sensitivity, and aids and lifts depression.

PURPLE is used for weight reduction, curbing diarrhea, purifying the blood and for stimulating the spleen and increasing the production of leukocytes (white blood cells whose action is essential for the immune system).

Excessive use of PURPLE can encourage unrealistic and impractical energies.

Introduction to Colour Healing – Chromotherapy

Joanne Walmsley      
Sacred Scribes




Including:  All About GREEN * GREEN Around the World and in History * GREEN as a favourite colour * GREEN Clothes – Wearing GREEN Clothing * GREEN Foods * GREEN in our DREAMS – Dreaming of GREEN  * GREEN in the TAROT CARDS * GREEN ESSENTIAL OILS *  GREEN CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES – Crystal Healing * GREEN in the AURA * GREEN in the CHAKRAS * HEALING with GREEN – Colour Therapy using GREEN *

GREEN is made by combining YELLOW (wisdom and intuition), with BLUE (spirituality and healing).  The natural GREENS are seen as tranquil and refreshing, with a natural balance of warm and cool (YELLOW and BLUE) undertones.

GREEN is the balance between warm, extroverted RED, ORANGE and YELLOW, and the cool, introverted BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET.

GREEN occupies the middle or point of balance in the solar spectrum and occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colours, and is second only to BLUE as a favourite colour. 

GREEN is the colour of Nature and the Earth.  It is balance and harmony in essence, and possesses a soothing influence upon the body and mind.

The colour GREEN evokes an association with plant life and the natural world, growth, calmness, peace and serenity, youth, learning, inexperience, fertility, ecology and new life. 

GREEN indicates regeneration and rejuvenation, youthful vigour, freshness, energy, good health, hope, healing, vitality, security, a sense of home and family, and individualism.  

GREEN reflects sympathy, reliability and dependability and radiates kindness and love. GREEN is linked with abundance, evolution and supply and has always been associated with good luck, prosperity and wealth.

GREEN brings unconditional love, peace, rest, hope and comfort, and relates to nurturing others and being nurtured, calmness, harmony, nature and the natural world, plants, children and animals, health and healing, and a longing for a safe home and family life. The colour GREEN balances our energies and increases love, compassion and empathy for others.

GREEN is the colour of the heart centre and healing, balance, love and compassion, generosity and peace, transformation and growth. It also relates to beauty, contentment, renewal, satisfaction, social identity, oriented to self-acceptance, learning and freedom. GREEN is the colour of healthy relationships.

GREEN is seen as a metaphor for a lack of experience, and to say someone is ‘green’ is to imply that they are inexperienced. ‘Being green’ tells of environmentalism and conservation.  

GREEN is symbolic of striving to gain recognition and establishing independence.  

GREEN is also associated with money and wealth.  

GREEN governs the mental realms and is indicative of ideas and ideals.

GREEN symbolizes ‘nature’ and is one of the dominant colours in the plant kingdom. It represents the harmonious cycle of nature, renewal and growth, and symbolizes the benevolent, abundant and replenishing forces of the Universe. GREEN is the pervasive colour in the natural world, making it an ideal backdrop in interior design because we are so used to seeing it everywhere.  

GREEN is a soothing, harmonious radiation that is essential for the wellbeing of our nerves and the proper functioning of our body. GREEN light gives us the energy of the Sun in the safest and most natural form, and is identical with the GREEN plant energy known as ‘chlorophyll’, which is prescribed by medical science as a specific for the heart. 

GREEN is a colour used principally for healing as it promotes health and wellbeing. GREEN positively affects our ability to express unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. 

GREEN is good for working with nature and the environment.  
GREEN is related to the elements of Earth and Air, the direction North, the musical scale of ‘FAH’, the planets Venus, Saturn and the Moon, the zodiac sign of Taurus and is associated with the season of Spring.  GREEN is also associated with The EMPRESS and TEMPERANCE Tarot cards.

Feelings of comfort, calmness, relaxation and space are induced by the colour GREEN. If you are craving a need for change and freedom to pursue new ideas and opportunities, include more of the colour GREEN in your life.

GREEN encourages a dislike of conflicts and confrontations.

Too much GREEN can cause us to become overly-critical, possessive, demanding and manic-depressive.  It encourages anger, jealousy, miserly-ness, stinginess, over-confidence, and a tendency to blame others.  Too much GREEN can make on ‘green with envy’.

Not enough GREEN can make us apathetic, placid, lethargic, lazy and slow.  It makes us fear rejection and can allow oneself to be taken advantage of. Too little GREEN in our lives can make us moody and depressed.

-  GREEN is used to represent ‘safety’ around the world.
-  GREEN is the colour associated with resurrection and regeneration within several religions.
-  GREEN, BLUE-GREEN and BLUE symbolize ‘paradise’ in Iran and are considered to be sacred colours.
-  GREEN is the emblematic colour of Ireland as it represents the vast EMERALD hillsides and Ireland’s patron saint, St Patrick.
-  GREEN is the colour that represents Irish-Catholics, and ORANGE represents Irish-Protestants.
-  GREEN is regarded as the colour of ‘eternal life’ in Japan.
-  GREEN was considered to be ‘royal’ because it was the colour of the quetzal plumes used by the Aztec chieftains in ancient Aztec culture.
-  GREEN Jade crystals and gemstones represent ‘virtue’ and ‘beauty’ in China.
-  The only national flag of a single colour is the GREEN flag of Libya.
-  GREEN is the colour of ‘hope’ due to its association with Spring in Portugal.
-  People used to wear GREEN as a mark of honour in the highlands of Scotland.
-  GREEN is the colour of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
-  The prophet Mohammed was said to have worn a GREEN cloak and turban.
-  In Celtic myths, GREEN was associated with the God of Fertility.
-  In the East, GREEN is the colour of mourning, based on the belief that it is the colour of growth and new life, rather than a symbol of sadness and death.  
-  The Chinese use lots of GREEN in their festivals of joy and gladness.
-  GREEN is associated with Sunday within the Catholic Church.

People who choose GREEN as their favourite colour are generally open-hearted, vital, generous and nurturing.  

Choosing GREEN as a favourite colour indicates someone who may need to grow as a person.

People who favour GREEN often have the desire to really extend themselves to their fullest potential. They often crave growth and adventure and feel the need to be constantly moving forward. People who choose GREEN as their favourite colour loathe staleness and stagnation.

Those that prefer GREEN often have a strong affinity with nature and natural environments. They are generally hard working and prefer to complete all tasks that they 
start and have very exacting standards.

People who favour GREEN have the ability to motivate others with their guidance and support, and make excellent mentors, teachers and counsellors.

People whose favourite colour is GREEN cannot tolerate arguments, disputes or turmoil and often play the part of the peacemaker. At times, those who favour the colour GREEN can tend to be over-sensitive and over-cautious. Jealousy and envy may also be an issue at times.

GREEN people love to love and love to be loved. They make loyal and faithful friends and partners, and are nurturing and supportive and care deeply for their loved ones, their community and the environment.

A person with an aversion to GREEN may have a preference for independence and self-development, rather than a warm, safe and secure family-life. They may also prefer to keep a certain distance in relationships (particularly those of a sexual nature).

GREEN CLOTHING  -  Wearing GREEN Clothes
The colour GREEN resonates with soothing, healing and calming energies.  GREEN is also the colour of growth.  

Wearing GREEN can suggest an affinity with nature and the environment.

Wearing GREEN acts as a magnet to those who seek peace and rejuvenation.  

GREEN stimulates our need to feel secure, assertive, powerful and certain, and our need to love and be loved. This makes GREEN a comforting colour that fosters and encourages positivity within our personalities when we wear it.

People who wear GREEN are often very cautious people who are disinclined to trust others easily. They are observers of life, but do not like to get involved in situations more than they need to. A quiet and stress-free life and lifestyle suit them best.

Those who wear GREEN clothes are generally humanistic, service-orientated and benevolent.

GREEN vegetables and fruits contain phyto-chemicals such as luteins and indoles which are good for the heart. GREEN foods are also high in fibre and promote a healthy digestive system.

GREEN Foods include:
Alfalfa, apple, artichoke, asparagus, avocados, beet greens, bock choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cactus (nopales), celery, chives, collard greens, comfrey, cucumber, dandelion greens, edamame, fennel, grapes, green beans, green cauliflower, green eggplant, green grapes, green olives, green peppers, green tomatoes, green zucchini, honeydew, kale, kiwi fruit, kuir, leafy green vegetables, lettuce, limes, mint, nettles, okra, oregano, parsley, pears, peas, pumpkin seeds, rosemary, seaweed (kelp), sinqua, spinach, sprouts, Swiss chard, tarragon, tomatillo, wasabi, wheatgrass.

GREEN resonates with natural life, vigour, growth, hope, good health, healing and balance and when appearing in dreams symbolizes and stimulates feelings of love, harmony, peace and personal growth.  

Seeing GREEN in your dreams inspires generosity, vitality, power, expansion, encouragement, open-heartedness, a need to nurture, compassion and empathy, sharing, harmony, balance and growth.

GREEN appearing in dreams helps with overcoming and limiting attachments. Seeing GREEN whilst dreaming may suggest or symbolize your efforts to establish your independence or gain personal recognition.

GREEN energy is very healing on feelings of self-doubt and insecurity, and may be symbolic of your ambitions and establishing your own independence.

The colour GREEN appearing in your dreams can be a message to ‘go ahead’  -  you have been given the ‘green light’ and you are to continue with your plans.

GREEN seen within a dream is beneficial for healing any deep brooding feelings of regret and/or remorse.  

Seeing GREEN can be implying that you are inexperienced or lack experience is some way.  

GREEN appearing in dreams releases possessiveness and jealousy, selfish attachment, envy, insecurity, mistrust and self-doubt.

GREEN appearing in your dreams may be suggesting that there is a need to balance your masculine and feminine aspects and attributes.

The colour GREEN can be symbolic of money and wealth and is also the colour of envy and jealousy, depending upon the tone or theme of the dream.

Dark GREEN can indicate materialistic tendencies, deceit and difficulties with sharing.

Overall, the colour GREEN is a very healing energy and vibration to experience in your dreams.

COLOUR DREAMING  - What the Colours in Dreams Mean

When the colour GREEN is seen within the Tarot cards it is an indication that growth is taking place on many levels and that through this growth, abundant harvests will be reaped.  It also suggests learning and healing.

GREEN resonates with The EMPRESS (3) Tarot card, as it relates to fertility, nature, plants, animals, the environment, our emotions, healing and growth.

The TEMPERANCE (14) Tarot card influences and is representative of the colour GREEN as we strive to maintain equilibrium in our body and soul, mind and spirit.


Green Mandarin, Green Myrtle.

There are certain crystals that help us to connect to the angelic and spiritual realms. These crystals are naturally attuned to the angelic and spiritual realms due to the extremely high resonance that crystals carry which attunes the wearer or bearer to the highest spiritual realms.

GREEN crystals are used to attract prosperity, attracting love and money.

Actinolite, African Jade, Agate, Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl), Amazonite, Andalusite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Azurite-Malachite, Beryl, Bismuth, Bloodstone, Cameo Agate, Caat’s Eye nstatite, Cat’s Eye Jade, Cat’s Eye Kornerupine, Cat’s Eye Tourmaline, Chalcedony, Chrome Diopside, Chrome Tourmaline, Chrysoberyl, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Corundum, Dalmation Jasper, Diopside, Dioptase, Emerald, Enstatite, Fluorite, Fucsite, Gaspetite, Green Agate, Green Apatite, Green Apophyllite, Green Beryl, Green Calcite, Green Fluorite, Green Garnet, Green Jasper, Green Kunzite, Green Moonstone, Green Quartz, Green Sapphire, Green Topaz, Green Tourmaline, Grossular Garnet, Heliotrope, Hiddenite (Green Moldavite), Idocrase, Jade, Jasper, Kornerupine, Lemon Chrysoprase, Lemon Jade, Malachite (Chrysocolla), Mawsitsit,  Moldavite, Morrisonite, Moss Agate, Nephrite Jade, Ocean Jasper, Owyhee Jasper,  Peridot, Prase, Prasiolite, Sea Jasper, Seraphinite, Spene (Titanite), Seriphos Green Quartz, Spodumene, Tektite, Titanite, Tourmaline, Tree Agate, Tsavorite, Unakite, Uvarovite, Variscite, Vesuvianite (Idocrase), Watermelon Tourmaline, Zircon, Zoisite.

GREEN in the AURA 
GREEN is the second basic colour tone. It loosens and equalizes the etheric body and is the colour seen most commonly and prevalently in the aura.

GREEN in the aura is a positive sign, and indicates regeneration, individualism, supply and energy and growth. 

GREEN governs the mental realm and indicates a multitude of ideas, sympathy and calm, and can also denote a person who is reliable, dependable and open-minded. People who have achieved prosperity and success usually have green tints in their aura.

GREEN appearing in the aura in a balanced way attests to the ability to accept things as they are, change and creation the ‘new’, growth, hope, good communication, gardening and agriculture and the performing arts, and the healing and care professions.  

GREEN in the aura also symbolizes Universal Love, unity and balancing of the mind, body and spirit.

PALE GREEN reflects spiritual advancement by means of attuning to nature and the spiritual realm. It is as compassionate as a guardian angel, and people with PALE GREEN in their aura are seen as truly beautiful people. Most elderly people have large streaks of PALE GREEN in their aura.

Bright, clear GREEN in the aura denotes animation, versatility and adaptability, independence, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and open-mindedness. Bright GREEN reflects versatility, adaptability and enthusiasm. The vibration of bright GREEN is extremely refreshing to the soul.  

APPLE GREEN is the aura tells of a healthy life-force, and when seen around the hands it denotes natural healing abilities.

EMERALD GREEN in the aura denotes a naturally-born healer and indicates a rare quality. EMERALD GREEN tells that an ongoing trauma is being put to rest in a subtle way. This colour has a ‘feeling’ affect on the emotions. Most good listeners have one or more small pockets of this colour in their aura.

JADE GREEN represents a charitable nature and denotes patterns of self-sacrifice.

JUNIPER GREEN is the colour of Karmic patterns in the aura.

YELLOW-GREEN appearing in the aura may suggest sympathy for others, compassion, good communication, the ability to forgive, honesty and a love of peace and harmony.  But it can also denote sickness, cowardice, discord and jealousy.

GREENISH-YELLOW is the shade of a ‘liar’ or a ‘cheat’. This shade you will often find in adolescence, cheating lovers, corrupt policemen and criminals who plead innocent when they are not, and anyone who has ever told a little ‘white lie’.

Dark GREEN appearing amongst the colours of the aura denotes the ability to express and present oneself and the ability to adapt. It also represents vitality.

Dark GREEN in the aura can also attest to materialism, fraud and cunning. It can also denote greed, envy and jealousy, and mental stress. Dark GREEN in the aura can indicate materialism, deceit, cheating and/or difficulties with sharing.  

Dark GREEN appearing may also suggest a need to find balance between the masculine and feminine attributes. Dark GREEN within the aura can reflect miserliness, uncertainty, jealousy and envy, possessiveness, self-doubt and mistrust. 

Olive GREEN in the aura denotes treachery and deceit.

The muddier or darker shades of GREEN reflect uncertainty and/or miserliness, possessiveness, mistrust, self-doubt and jealousy.

In an unbalanced way, GREEN appearing in the Aura may indicate jealousy and envy, pessimism, a lack of satisfaction, resistance to the natural course of life, artificiality and over-sentimentality.

Colours within the Aura

GREEN is absorbed by the Heart Chakra and controls the cardiac centre and strongly influences the heart and blood pressure. It is linked to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, cardiac plexus and the complete chest area.  

The Heart Chakra is the ‘Harmonizing Element’ and bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. It allows a person to feel compassion and empathy and gives one the ability to give and receive graciously. The Hearth Chakra resonates with ‘unconditional love’.

When the Heart Chakra is blocked, we experience emotional instability and problems in our relationships with other people. It makes us feel sorrow and loss which we feel we cannot get passed.


HEALING with GREEN  -  Colour Healing
GREEN is a colour used principally for healing as it promotes health and wellbeing.

GREEN is considered to be the optimal healing colour and is the colour of nitrogen, which is an element that constitutes the main components of the atmosphere, and is essential for the formation of bones, muscles and other body tissues.

GREEN constitutes a balancing link between the warm colours (which stimulates and energizes) and the cool colours (which are soothing and calming.) GREEN helps to balance energies and a calms a state of disharmony. It helps to achieve a healthy new structure. GREEN stimulates growth and the life-force energy, balances the body and mind, soothes and strengthens.  

GREEN is neither an astringent nor a relaxant, yet is rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory. It can help to calm anger and improve memory, ease paranoia and nervous exhaustion.

The colour GREEN has a soothing effect on the nervous system, soothes irritations and alleviates pain. Physically, GREEN is linked to the muscles, bones, bronchial tubes and the lungs. GREEN is good for treating problems to do with the heart and circulatory system. It has an invigorating effect on the blood vessels and balances the 
blood pressure.

GREEN affects the lungs, heart, thymus gland and the immune system.

GREEN is very healing for deep feelings of regret and remorse, and for overcoming any limiting attachments.  

GREEN energy is very healing for self-doubt and insecurity and feelings of inadequacy and ineptness. GREEN helps to overcome obstacles and begin a new path or change of direction.

GREEN can be used to treat backaches, immune disorders, heart trouble, allergies, lupus, shock and trauma, head colds, and to lower the blood pressure. GREEN also helps to maintain eyesight and may reduce the risk of vision problems common in later life.

GREEN stimulates the pituitary gland and is effective for soothing states of emotional imbalance. GREEN can counter panic attacks and addictions.

GREEN encourages cell renewal and the overall regeneration of the organism. It fortifies the entire body in general and helps to improve the absorption of oxygen in the body.

GREEN is suitable for treatment and projecting in all impaired physical states, and for every health problem, except for tumours.

Excessive use of the colour GREEN may stimulate an aversion to conflict, and may bring on feelings of frustration, irritability and anger.

GREEN can be used to:
-  soothe
-  relax the mind and body
-  help to alleviate depression
-  calm nervousness and anxiety
-  offer a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony

GREEN stimulates inner-peace.

Introduction to Colour Healing – Chromotherapy


The colour OLIVE GREEN symbolizes ‘ZEN’ and natural wisdom. It also indicates achieving peace and tranquillity in your environment.  OLIVE GREEN is the traditional colour of peace.

OLIVE GREEN can also denote treachery and deceit.

LIME GREEN resonates with the Element of Earth and relates to possibilities, perception and anticipation, excitement, motivation, anticipation, hope, luck, money and prosperity, employment and growth.

LIME GREEN allows us to be perceptive and non-judgemental.  It inspires us to try new things by initiating change.

Too little LIME GREEN can make us feel hateful, petty and envious of the opportunities that other people are experiencing.

Cat’s Eye, Fluorite, Green Garnet, Jade, Lemon Chrysoprase, Peridot.

Joanne Walmsley      
Sacred Scribes