Blue resonates with healing on all levels, calmness and peace of mind.  Blue raises the consciousness to the realm of spirit and is the colour of meditation and connection with the angelic and spiritual realms.

Blue coloured light has been shown to reduce blood pressure and calms the nervous system and is anti-inflammatory.  

Dark blue affects the pituitary gland, which is the sleep regulator.  

It is relaxing and cooling and brings clear thought and clarity of mind.  

Blue brings quiet, clarity and peace of mind and can be used to calm and relax the body, soul and mind.

Blue causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming, and invokes rest and relaxation.

Dark blue reduces pain and has strengthens the skeleton by keeping the marrow of the bone healthy.

Blue promotes the healing of burns and wounds.

Light and soft blue can alleviate insomnia.

Blue allows for clear communication and the healing vibration of blue can be used to unblock and open the flow of energy where it is stagnant and/or blocked.

Blue brings contentment, patience, composure and gentleness, making it beneficial for someone who acts compulsively without giving thought to consequences.

Blue is extremely liberating for those who have become resistant to change and rigidity in thought.

Joanne Walmsley       
Sacred Scribes


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