What is COLOUR?

Colour is energy with a defined frequency and wavelength. The energy of colour influences the entire cosmos and all organisms that are part of it. Everything has a particular vibrational frequency, and every vibration has its own frequency. Among the many different frequencies there are small groups of frequencies.

The human eye can see the colours RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and PURPLE. Each of these colours has its own wavelength and frequency, and the length of the wave in the range of light that the human eye can see is between 740 nanometers in the colour red and 400 nanometers in the colour purple.

The human eye is only able to see the colours within the range of these two wave frequencies. The colours RED and PURPLE are visible to the human eye.

Colours such as Infra-red light and ultra-violet light are invisible to the human eye yet all colours exert a significant influence on our moods and entire organism.

In colour healing (Chromotherapy) and therapy all of the colours of the spectrum are utilized. Every colour has different associations, feelings and emotions within the human brain and psyche, yet differ from person to person.

Colours have strong mental effects on our nervous system, our emotions, our aura and our hormonal system.

In colour therapy, the various frequencies of the visible colours are utilized in order to alter a particular mental or physical state.

The use of colour for treating diseases and ailments, for protection, attracting a mate, for raising one’s spirits and the like, has been known for thousands of years among all civilizations. Even in prehistoric times colours were used to paint pictures on cave walls and for anointing or painting the body for different rituals.

The strong effect of colour on the human mind and the ability to use it to express a broad range of emotions and situations has been utilized since the beginning of human existence. We dye our clothes, adorn our homes and paint ourselves in the form of make-up.

The plant and animal kingdoms also have the gift of colour, and the importance of the colours is fundamental and cardinal to the continuation of the species and survival. For example, certain colours are used as warning colours to deter predators;  as camouflage, and as mating colours for the purpose of attracting a mate in order to perpetuate the species.

The significance of colours is expressed on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

On the emotional level we are able to feel the influence of colour on the human nervous system. Different colours evoke and around different emotions and feelings. Colours may induce tranquillity, action, calmness, anxiety or peace.

Colour is of great significance in our daily lives. Our moods are influenced by our choice of colour in our clothing and environment.

There are warm and cool colours. Warm colours are arousing and stimulating and are linked to the masculine energy of Yang.

Joanne Walmsley    
Sacred Scribes

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