Introduction to Colour Healing - Chromotherapy

Introduction to Colour Healing - Chromotherapy

The art of Chromotherapy or Color Healing is an ancient one and can be traced back to early Egyptian times.  The Hindus have used colour and its’ healing benefits as part of their Ayurvedic medicine system since ancient times.

In the UK Chromotherapy is recognized by the medical profession as well as alternative therapists of all kinds, as a powerful aid to recovery and healing. The interiors of their medical clinics, hospitals and healing centers are painted in appropriate healing colors to correspond with patient’s dis-eases.

Prior to using Color Healing (or Chromotherapy) be sure to check the medical history of your client/patient so that you do not use the wrong color, therefore possibly making their particular problem worse.  (For example, do not use Red for patients who suffer from high blood pressure).  Record the medical history, lifestyle, diet and color preferences of the client. Also look at the skin and use your psychic and intuitive abilities to tune-in and know that you are using the correct color.  Another method is to run your fingers down the spine and feel the different vibration of each color and intuitively/psychically ‘see’ the colors.

The colours we see around us every day and the colors we choose to wear and decorate our lives with all have significance, energy and vibrations all of their own which influence us in different ways.

All colors, whether dark, pale, murky, bright or in between, tell a story.  This story is like the weaving of our lives and as our lives change constantly, so do the colors that surround us.  Each and every person on the earth plane has their own personal colors around them. These colors can change from second to second depending upon what is happening in their life, and even as particular moods change.  Also, as another person walks close to you or interacts with you, just for an instant your Auric color can change.  Moods, as well as our inner feelings, like when we are sad, tired, happy, ill or angry, make colors around us change.  These colors in our Aura are in constant movement, even while we sit and relax, sleep and especially when we meditate.

A form of Chromotherapy involves using different coloured swatches or pieces  of silk or other natural fabrics, on different parts of the body.  The facilitator or healer directs the Universal Life Energies to enter and heal the physical body through the use of the appropriate color for each particular ailment.

Although each ailment resonates with a particular color, the facilitator or healer generally uses their intuition or messages telling them where to hold each color and for how long etc.

Joanne Walmsley     
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  1. Fascinating method with colored silk over specific areas for healing. I've done something similar before. I'd like to know more about chromotherapy. Great blogs, incredible wisdom you share. Blessings

  2. This is amazing, wonderful , I am very GRATEFUL. Thank you! I love you infinitely!!!

  3. AFTER 15 yrs living at the same place dicided to paint all rooms. Every room is painted with 3 or 4 different colors. When my friends come to visit they are able to feel different as they have had in the past. They call my place The Happy Place 😊 God Bless you for the WONDERFUL job you have dedicated yourself to help others. Thank You so much. !!! 😚

  4. Thank you for this post. it was interesting and useful for me. i guess that other people think the same.

  5. I really like your blog, and this article shocked me. I first learned about chromotherapy. Thank you!