Including:  All About SILVER,  SILVER Around the World and in History, SILVER as a favourite colour,  SILVER Clothes – Wearing SILVER Clothing,  SILVER in our DREAMS – Dreaming of SILVER, SILVER in the TAROT,  SILVER CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES – Crystal Healing, SILVER in the AURA, SILVER in the CHAKRAS, HEALING with SILVER – Colour Therapy using SILVER.

SILVER is a metallic colour that resembles GREY.

SILVER is connected to the Element of Water, the direction West, the Moon and the zodiac sign of Cancer. SILVER resonates with the Earth’s energies and carries a wealth of symbology.

The colour SILVER is symbolic of protective energies and represents the magical, mystical and mysterious.

SILVER relates to the female and feminine energies, goddess energy, patience and perserverence, forbearance, cycles, rebirth and reincarnation, the healing of hormonal imbalances and emotional stability, justice and purity, virtue, innocence and brightness.

SILVER also resonates with inspiration, introspection, insight and reflection, intuition, empathy, psychic abilities and psychic workings, illusion, imagination and dreams.

SILVER helps to remove and/or neutralize negative energies.

SILVER is a major conductor and communicator that aids speech, public speaking eloquence and speaking your truths.

SILVER encourages truth, honesty and a clearer understanding of your life purpose and soul mission.

The colour SILVER is seen as a sophisticated colour that represents riches and wealth. SILVER, due to its malleability and ductility, was used in ancient times for decoration in religious places and within the wealthiest of homes.

The expression “every cloud has a silver lining” is used to suggest that something positive often comes out of a negative situation.

The term “silver-tongued” refers to someone who has the power of persuasive, eloquent, fluent, and/or witty speech.

The ‘Silver Cord’ is said to be an invisible cord that links our astral body to our physical body. Those who claim to have had a near-death experience, and out-of-body experiences often report their observation of a ‘silver cord’ connecting their astral body to their physical body.

Throughout history, SILVER has been revered for many reasons, including its monetary value as a precious metal, for its decorative purposes, and for the spiritual energy the colour vibrates to.

- In Japan, the ‘Silver River’ means ‘galaxies’ in general, and the Milky Way in particular is called the ‘Silver River System’ or the ‘River of Heaven’.

Those whose favourite colour is SILVER are often highly intuitive and can sense both the positive and negative intentions of other people. They have a deep understanding and connection to spiritual and metaphysical matters and have heightened psychic abilities. They have a great deal of patience and perserverence and will commit themselves to any cause that they feel is worthy.

Those who choose SILVER as their favourite colour are creative, imaginative and very intuitive. They love to use their imagination and are able to express themselves with fluency and panache. They are often extremely flexible and adaptable and are able to turn their hand to most things. They do not fear change and often seek out new people, knowledge and experiences to explore.

Wearing SILVER clothes, accessories and jewellery helps to attract calming and balancing elements into the life of the wearer.  

SILVER increases the wearer’s intuition, and gives one the ability to know the truth in all situations and circumstances.

People who prefer SILVER clothing and accessories are imaginative, creative and extremely intuitive people who love to use their imagination and can express themselves earnestly and creatively. They enjoy solitude and time alone so that they can contemplate, meditate and reflect upon the deeper mysteries of life and the Universe.
Those who wear and accessorize with SILVER are very flexible and adaptable to change and will often seek out new experiences and new areas of knowledge to study. They are both wise and intuitive and are in-tuned with their inner-voice of wisdom, making them able to use both the head and the heart when making decisions.

Those who choose SILVER clothes and/or accessories are extremely lucky souls who are always open to ways of improving and enriching their own lives and that of others. They are open to communicating with their own intuition and the spiritual realm.

SILVER in the aura can reflect an awakening of the feminine energies and the abilities of intuition, empathy and psychic awareness, illumination and creative imagination.

SILVER streaks in the aura shows a volatile (yet lovely) personality, yet it can also denote unreliability. It also shows someone who is a ‘dabbler’, one who dabbles in all trades and professions;  ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.  

SILVER twinkles is the aura is almost always a sign of fertility and creativity. SILVER twinkles appearing within the auric field is an indication of creativity being activated in a person’s life. These twinkles are always present around pregnant women and women who have delivered a child within the last 6 to 9 months.  

SILVER twinkles are often seen around grandmothers and those working with babies, infants and all to do with the maternal aspects of life.

Colours within the Aura
When SILVER appears in the Tarot deck, it is an indication of inner-knowing, Divine wisdom, higher knowledge and inner-wisdom.  

SILVER relates to The MOON (19) and JUSTICE (11) Tarot cards.


SILVER crystals and gemstones are connected to sleep, insomnia, dreams, visions, fertility, pregnancy, lactation, the menstrual cycle and all things connected to the feminine aspects.

Moonstone, Achroiter (Tourmaline), Agate (Chalcedony), Angelite, Beryl, Apophyllite, Calcite, Chalcedony (Quartz), Colourless Tourmaline, Corundum, Danburite, Diamond, Fluorite, Goshenite (Beryl), Grey Star Sapphire, Howlite, Iceland Spar (Calcite), Moss Agate, Ocean Jasper, Opal, Orthoclase, Pearls, Platinum, Rainbow Moonstone, Grey Calcite,  Grey Muscovite,  Grey-Silver Cuprite, Hematite, Magnetite (Lodestone), Pyrolusite, Rutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Corundum), Sea Jasper, Selenite, Silver, Silver Topaz, Snow Quartz, Sodalite, Spinel, Tourmalinated Quartz, Tourmaline Tree Agate, Ulexite, Vesuvianite (Idocrase), White Lepidolite, White Sapphire, White Beryl, White Topaz, Zircon.

SILVER sparkles in the aura can suggest an extremely evolved soul.

Colours within the Aura
SILVER is a healing colour that promotes self-healing and spiritual growth.

SILVER draws negative energies from the body and replaces it with positive energies.
SILVER relates to the female/feminine energies, cycles, rebirth and reincarnation, and the healing of hormonal imbalances and emotional stability.

SILVER is excellent for emotional, mental and physical cleansing and releasing as it works on the emotions and the mind to bring balance and harmony.

SILVER gives a sense of balance and assists with physical, emotional and mental releasing, clearing and cleansing.

In colour healing and therapy, SILVER is used to help women’s issues such as painful periods, hormonal imbalances, gynaecological ailments and breast tenderness.

Introduction to Colour Healing – Chromotherapy

Joanne Walmsley  
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