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YELLOW holds the first place in the solar spectrum for maximum brightness and luminosity. The colour YELLOW is the fourth basic colour tone and tells of spirituality and upliftment of humankind. YELLOW is the ray of maximum light and is a positive, magnetic vibration. It shines with optimism, spiritual enlightenment and happiness.  

YELLOW resonates with the ‘God realization’ and ‘Christ consciousness’.

YELLOW is connected to the Element of Air and the zodiac sign of Libra.

The colour YELLOW is warm (yang), and is associated with cheerful and joyous things. YELLOW is a vibrant life force and resonates with intuition, the intellect, mental power and concentration, memory, attention to detail, evaluation, sincerity, praise and harmony, lightness, joy and gaiety.

YELLOW is symbolic of optimism, practicality, confidence, illumination, inner-wisdom and logic, agility, energy, and brings heightened expression, freedom and joy. YELLOW is a reviving and consoling colour and represents the ego, discipline, organizational abilities and the mind in general.

YELLOW promotes a sense of self-confidence to help us cope during stressful situations.  

YELLOW resonates with and understands the larger or bigger picture of life, and stimulates the need to live in an orderly world, whilst expressing our individuality and our need to know and understand. Tuning into the vibration of YELLOW, all problems will find prompt solutions and answers, and the knowledge that it is better to change ourselves rather than attempt to change others.

YELLOW aids the logic and memory, concentration, communication and will-power. YELLOW is full of creative and intellectual energy. YELLOW enhances clarity, perception, expansiveness, motivation, leadership, communication, productivity, health, blessings, spiritual enlightenment, stimulation on all levels, being busy, bright, rich, sacred and solar magic.

YELLOW relates to strength, our self-worth, transformation, laughter, ego and identity, oriented to self-definition, personal power, fulfilment, abundance, courage and self-confidence.

YELLOW associates with trade and commerce, business success, travel, knowledge and magic, the ‘life force’, vitality, change, progress, contact, learning, tests, speaking and writing, affirmations and visualizations, curiosity, relaxation, hope, philosophy, flexibility, progress, amusement and learning through practical knowledge.

YELLOW encourages balance between our head and our heart and promotes clarity.

YELLOW relates to the planet Mercury, the Element of Fire and Summer. YELLOW also relates to the musical scale ‘ME’.

Shades of GOLDEN YELLOW carry the promise of a positive future.  It advances from surrounding colours and instils optimism and energy, and also sparks creative thoughts.

BRIGHT YELLOW suggests a depth of spiritual qualities and dispels worries and fears.

PALE YELLOW suggests thoughtfulness.

YELLOW encourages and aids us when undertaking new areas of study and for learning new things, as it enhances all aspects to do with the mind. YELLOW helps to awaken mental aspiration and stimulates higher mentality.

YELLOW encourages a lust for life.

The colour YELLOW has both positive and negative connotations and can also represent disgrace, deceit, betrayal, cowardice and sickness. It tells of fears and the inability to make important decisions or take appropriate actions.

A person with an aversion to the colour YELLOW may be emotionally disappointed and bitter. They may have a tendency to rationalize their feelings, or may choose not to see reality by frequently changing relationships and/or activities and interests.

Excessive use of YELLOW can induce over-active thinking, obsessive thinking, rationalization, superficiality, and a tendency to change often. Too much YELLOW can also negatively affect our ability to clearly focus, and/or complete one task at a time.  It can cause us to become demanding and critical, and over-judgemental of others. YELLOW can also encourage the tendency to be workaholics.

Too much YELLOW can lead to the inability to relax, mental bullying, the inability to manifest desired results and outcomes, and stubbornness.

Not enough YELLOW can make us feel isolated, insecure and depressed. A lack of YELLOW instils a lack of courage to try new things, and can result in one becoming rigid, cunning, defensive, possessive and emotionally aloof.

People that suffer from seasonal disorders and become depressed in Winter can try adding some YELLOW to their wardrobe and environments, as YELLOW lifts the spirits.

YELLOW encourages us to be free to do and be all that we can be. It helps us to feel expressive, social, curious and experimental. YELLOW assists you when you are going through life changes, such as adjusting to a new home, relationship, job or school etc.

BRIGHT YELLOW represents communication and spontaneity and this inspires activity, curiosity and a desire and hope of greater happiness.

YELLOW presses forward to the new and modern, and ideas drawn from the higher-Self.

-  YELLOW is Universally connected to spirituality and the intellect.
-  In Chinese culture, colours correspond with the five primary elements, the directions and the four seasons.  YELLOW is associated with Earth and the centre (in relation to direction).  It was the colour of emperors during both the Ming dynasty and the Qing dynasty.  Huangdi, known as the ‘Yellow Emperor’, is thought to be the founder of Chinese civilization due to the vast amount of inventions that took place during his reign.
-  YELLOW is the colour of the Vaisya caste (or farmers) and is the colour Hindus wear to celebrate the Festival of Spring.
-  The doors of traitors and criminals were painted YELLOW in France during the 10th Century.
-  In the United States, school buses and taxis are associated with YELLOW.
-  YELLOW signifies ‘sadness’ in Greek culture, and ‘jealousy’ in French culture.
-  YELLOW is representative of ‘greed’ in Christianity.
-  YELLOW is the symbol for liberalism in many cultures and countries.
-  Warriors wore a YELLOW chrysanthemum as a pledge of courage during the 1357 Japanese ‘War of Dynasty’.
-  Jews were made to wear YELLOW armbands in Nazi concentration camps.
-  In Aztec culture, YELLOW symbolizes food because it was the colour of corn which is the primary good of the Aztec people.

YELLOW as a favoured colour suggests one who has the ability to assimilating new ideas, concepts, knowledge and learning quickly and easily.

Those who prefer YELLOW often have a vibrant and happy personality, and are optimistic and enthusiastic characters. They are analytical and detail-oriented and pay attention to accuracy in all that they do. They are often intelligent and quick-thinking and are fun to be around.

Those with YELLOW as a favourite colour may find it difficult to switch off and fully relax as their minds are constantly alert.

With the vibration of YELLOW as an influence, the mind is sharp, wise and clever, and right choices and decisions are quick and easy to make.

YELLOW as a favourite colour suggests someone who is very open and receptive to study, research, education and learning new things. People who prefer YELLOW often have high intellects.

YELLOW resonates with the intellect and intuition, vitality and vibrancy. Wearing YELLOW suggests someone with boundless energy and a quick, keen mind. Wearing the colour YELLOW also indicates a ‘happy’ person with a bright personality. Wearing YELLOW clothes helps one to adopt an uplifted and cheery attitude to life.

Those who choose to wear YELLOW generally analyse everything and always need to know everything about everything. They demand a logical framework so that they can fully understand concepts. They generally desire change and originality, and are highly creative individuals who seek expression in literature, art, music and all forms of communication. They are expressive, eloquent, flexible and intensely self-aware people who are effective planners and organizers.

Those who wear a lot of YELLOW often have a stimulating and interesting personality. They enjoy being active and involved in all that is going on around them. They are very social and have a friendly and sunny disposition. Vital and lively, those who wear YELLOW generally cope well with life’s challenges.

YELLOW in food often indicates the presence of lutein, magnesium, Vitamin C and limonene. YELLOW wholefoods are loaded with many antioxidants and phytochemicals which help to promote the healthy function of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and other vital organs such as the nervous system.

YELLOW Foods Include:
Anise seed, bamboo shoots, bananas, chamomile, cinnamon, corn, dill, evening primrose flowers, garbanzo beans, golden apples, golden flax seed, golden raisins, grapefruit, honey, lemongrass, lemons, nuts, parsnips, pears, pineapple, saffron, squash, squash blossoms, vegetable oils, whole grains, yams, yellow beans, yellow marigold flowers, yellow peppers, yellow raspberries, yellow summer squash, yellow tomatillo, yellow tomatoes, yellow wax beans and yellow zucchini.

YELLOW represents the extrovert and an extroverted personality, mental power, agility and determination. 

YELLOW symbolizes the intellect, energy, inner-wisdom and happiness, yet the colour YELLOW can carry both positive and negative connotations, depending upon the theme or context of the dream.  

Positively, seeing YELLOW in a dream may suggest happiness and joy, harmony, wisdom, agility and positive energy. Seeing YELLOW in a pleasant and/or happy dream can suggest the intuition and intuitive messages that foretell of blessings and glad tidings, happiness, and inner-joy. 

Seeing YELLOW in a dream inspires joy and optimism, expression, ability, attention to detail, active intelligence, discipline and evaluation.

If the dream is unpleasant in nature, seeing YELLOW can represent disgrace, cowardice, deceit, disgrace, betrayal and illness or sickness. In an unpleasant or sad dream, seeing YELLOW may suggest a sickness or illness to come, or cowardice in a real life situation.  

YELLOW appearing in your dreams may suggest a fear or inability to make a choice or decision, or to take necessary action/s. It may also be implying that your desire to please others is making you at risk of sacrificing your own needs and inner-happiness for the sake of others. As a result, challenges and set-backs may appear in your life.

Seeing YELLOW in a dream relates to our intellectual thinking process and stimulates logical linear thinking. The colour YELLOW stimulates left-brain activity, active intelligence, organisation, attention to detail, evaluation, sincerity and harmony, praise, administration, heightened expression and personal freedom.

The healing power of the colour YELLOW, when appearing in dreams, works on both known and unknown fears. 

YELLOW in your dreams will gradually release the tension from an accumulation of fearful experiences. The colour YELLOW appearing in dreams releases constriction and restriction, sorrow, selfishness and selfish judgement, bitterness, cynicism and criticism.

To dream of being in a YELLOW room suggests that you are to utilize your intuition, personal creativity and initiative to get things done. It tells of mental stimulation and motivation.

COLOUR DREAMING  - What the Colours in Dreams Mean

When YELLOW is seen on the Tarot cards, it indicates that intuition and intelligence will come to the fore in order to find a solution to a problem or issue.  It also indicates positive outcomes.

YELLOW appearing on the Tarot cards signifies the intellect and spirituality.

Yellow is associated with The SUN (19) Tarot card, which encompasses it’s love of life.


YELLOW ESSENTIAL OILS  -  Essential Oils that Resonate with YELLOW
Bergamot, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Neroli, Oreganum, Patchoulli.

Amber, Ametrine (Quartz), Andalusite, Beryl, Bismuth, Calcite, Cat’s Eye, Chalcedony, Champagne Citrine, Chrysoberyl, Citrine, Corundum, Cymophane (Chyroberyl), Fluorite, Fool’s Gold (Pyrite), Gold, Golden Beryl, Golden Sapphire, Heliodor, Idocrase, Lemon Yellow Citrine, Golden Yellow Topaz, Golden Tiger Eye, Heliodor (Yellow Beryl), Honey Calcite, Iron Pyrite, Lemon Chrysoprase, Orthoclase, Rutilated Quartz, Sphalerite sphene, Sulphur, Sunstone, Sea Jasper, Sphalerite, Sphene (Titanite), Topaz, Yellow Aragonite, Yellow-Brown Scapolite, Yellow Carnelian, Yellow Citrine, Yellow Danubrite, Yellow Garnet, Yellow Jade, Yellow Jasper, 
Yellow Kunzite, Yellow Muscovite, Yellow Rhodonite, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Tourmaline, Vesuvianite (Idocrase).

YELLOW is the fourth basic colour tone, but is one that is rarely seen in the aura. When it is seen, it is an indication of those who have achieved the goal of escape from the wheel of rebirth on the earth plane, and have returned to offer Spiritual food to their brothers and sisters. These individuals can be assumed to have voluntarily taken on the limitations and restrictions of earth life in order to perform a particular Spiritual path for the upliftment of mankind.

YELLOW can be equated to the God realization or Christ consciousness of these individuals who have returned back to earth to radiate the Light of their Spirituality on their fellow (human) beings who are still in need of assistance.

The colour YELLOW appearing in the aura in a balanced and harmonious way attests to high intellectual abilities and capacities and a strong personality. It also denotes good organizational abilities, inner-wisdom, discipline, honesty, harmony and a well developed ability to learn and assimilate knowledge.

YELLOW rays have the power to dispel fear and worry. YELLOW has a tonic element for certain forms of nervousness and is stimulating to health and mind.  

YELLOW in the aura also suggests business acumen, diplomacy, a scientific and business mind-set and career orientation.

YELLOW (except for the muddier shades) is a good aspect in the aura. YELLOW symbolizes thought and mental concentration. When this colour dominates, it indicates a strong intellect.  

BRIGHT GOLDEN YELLOW suggests a depth of Spiritual qualities and denotes a soul on the pathway to spirituality;  gold representing the higher spiritual pathway.  

GOLDEN YELLOW reflects the elevation of the mind to a higher sense of consciousness and indicates great inspiration. It is interesting that victims of strokes often exhibit GOLDEN YELLOW around the head and neck. GOLDEN YELLOW is the colour of the evolved consciousness.

PALE YELLOW suggests a highly spirited, as well as thoughtful person. It can also indicate a poor state of mind or a timid character. Individuals who have been intimidated by others show the emotional scars by the presence of this colour in their aura.

LIGHT YELLOW appearing among other colours of the aura attests to calmness, openness, a strong personality, clarity of thought and freshness.

Deep muddier YELLOW indicates one who is over critical, dogmatic and feels deprived of recognition. It denotes jealousy and suspicion, reflects excessive thinking and analysing and being over-critical.  

ORANGEY-YELLOW in the aura denotes excessive thinking and a dogmatic personality.

OCHER (brownish-yellow) appearing among the colours of the aura, may suggest stability, frugality, realism, tensions, control, authority, excessive discipline and egotism. It may also indicate manipulative mind games and shows of a deceitful nature.

When YELLOW appears in the aura in an unbalanced way it attests to scepticism, a critical nature, stubbornness, cynicism, exaggerated emotional control, egotism, laziness, ignorance and intolerance, and sorrow.

Colours within the Aura

YELLOW governs the Solar Plexus Chakra, which acts as the ‘brain centre’ to the nervous system. This chakra is located in the stomach area and the middle of the back, and is linked to the stomach, liver, skin, large intestine, muscular system and the solar plexus area.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is connected with our identity and the concept of ‘Self’.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is representative of vitality and will, and when this Chakra is open it acts to empower a person and helps them to find their personal, inner-strength. 

YELLOW helps to turn dreams and goals into reality.

YELLOW brings activity and balance to the Solar Plexus Chakra, and this brings general wellbeing, mental capacities and a clear sense of self-determination.

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked, we experience anger, shame, fear, resentment, bitterness, prejudice and hate.

Colour Healing and the Chakras

In Colour Healing and Therapy, the colour YELLOW can be used to lessen the effects of anxiety and depression as it arouses feelings of cheerfulness, joy and happiness.

YELLOW stimulates the mind and mental processes, stimulates the nervous system, activates the memory and encourages communication. It is linked to the liver, the gallbladder, stomach, the thyroid gland, the bronchial tubes, the large and small intestines, the lungs and prostate glands.  

YELLOW is good for treating the digestive and nervous systems, it stimulates hormone production, assists with the assimilation of nutrients, stimulates the liver and kidneys, helps with thyroid imbalance and has beneficial effects on the intestines, spleen, stomach and bladder. YELLOW stimulates cleansing via the liver. YELLOW fortifies the entire digestive system as it stimulates the digestive juices and the flow of lymphatic fluids. YELLOW strengthens the nervous system and purifies the blood.  

In Colour Healing, YELLOW is used to benefit the adrenal glands, gallbladder, muscles, liver, the pancreas and stomach.  

Illnesses that can be treated with YELLOW are arthritis, allergies, coughs, constipation, depression, diabetes, gallstones, eczema, hiatus hernia, hypothyroidism, indigestion, lymphatic congestion, obesity and motion sickness. YELLOW has a tonic effect on the nervous system and is stimulating to the mind and overall health.  

YELLOW may strengthen the teeth and bones, and helps the body heal wounds. YELLOW helps to keep the skin healthy and maintain good eyesight. YELLOW helps the pores of the skin and aids scarred tissue in healing itself.

YELLOW is used to treat psychological problems such as mental exhaustion, depression, melancholy and the inability to concentrate. The colour YELLOW helps a weak memory and is great in skin care treatment.

YELLOW stimulates the ‘psychic centre’ and can be used to treat psychic burn-out or other psychic-related conditions or ailments.

YELLOW is a nerve stimulant, and can be helpful with depression, tension and fear, and can soothe mental exhaustion.

The healing power of YELLOW works on fear and gradually releases the tension from a fearful experience or situation.

YELLOW is very healing for critical, judgemental and verbally aggressive people as it stimulates flexibility and adaptability to change.

YELLOW can stimulate clear-thinking, new ideas and creativity. It can help to sharpen the mind and improve memory, as well as with decision making.

YELLOW helps us to release and let go of negativity.

Introduction to Colour Healing – Chromotherapy

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