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BLACK  -  All About
BLACK contains all colours.  BLACK is the colour of extremes  -  all or nothing.

BLACK is related to the Element of Earth and resonates with Sunday.

BLACK is powerful and authoritative and evokes strong emotions.  The colour BLACK is associated with sophistication and intelligence.

BLACK symbolizes the unconscious, the unknown, hidden things, mystery, danger, death, mourning, rejection, hate and malice. BLACK can be seen as a defensive and fearful vibration. BLACK can resonate with negativity and ignorance and can also signify a lack of love and support.

BLACK resonates with protection, banishing, binding, breaking free from bad habits and addictions. BLACK also relates to deep meditation as it opens up deep unconscious levels.  It relates to seriousness, darkness, grounding, survival, independence, mystic allure, assertiveness, daring, alluring, renunciation, relinquishment, absorption, fascination, secrecy, primordial nothingness, depression, death, mourning, secrecy, occultism, revolting against trivialities, provocation, the underground and underworld, hidden things.

Positively, the colour BLACK represents potential and possibilities. BLACK can be seen as a ‘blank slate’ or ‘clean slate’.

BLACK invites us to delve deeply into the unconscious in order to gain a better, clearer understanding of ourselves.  

BLACK can also imply hidden spirituality and Divine qualities. BLACK is mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility.

BLACK gives the illusion of weight, and people often think that a BLACK box weighs more than a WHITE one.

It is considered to represent unresolved, thwarted ambitions that have resulted in profound forgetfulness, as in cases where people lose sight of their purpose in life.

A person with an aversion to BLACK may have a fear of the unknown, and/or the abuse of power. They may desire to be free from all kinds of dependency, blockages and hindrances and may wish to throw off their shackles.

-  The Native American Indians believed that BLACK was good because it was the colour of soil, which gives life.
-  In Aztec culture, BLACK represents war because BLACK Obsidian glass was used as the cutting edge of battle swords.  BLACK was also the symbol of religion, and priests of the time wore nothing but BLACK.
-  In England, taxi cabs are traditionally BLACK.
-  A BLACK cat crossing one’s path is considered bad luck in many cultures.  In England though, seeing a BLACK cat is good luck.
-  In the Western world, BLACK is the colour of mourning.  This tradition dates back to the Roman Empire where mourners wore a ‘Toga pulla’ made of BLACK wool during periods of mourning.
-  In Chinese culture, colours correspond with the five elements, the four seasons and the directions.  BLACK is associated with water, Winter and North.  In China, 
BLACK is a traditional clothing colour for boys.
-  In rural areas of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Greece, widows will wear BLACK for the rest of their lives.   The immediate family members of the deceased person will wear BLACK for an extended period of time.
-  In many countries, Judge’s robes are predominantly BLACK.

Those whose favourite colour is BLACK are often independent thinkers who are unconventional, and at times, a little eccentric.  They can be seen by others as a somewhat mysterious and illusive character.  They enjoy the company of others, yet are equally as comfortable being on their own.

People who prefer BLACK are often strong-willed and determined, and like to be in control of situations.  They do not work well in subordinate positions, and prefer to be their own boss, or in positions of power, responsibility and authority.

Those who favour BLACK are most often intelligent and sophisticated, and are able to achieve all that they put their minds to.

On the downside, those whose favourite colour is BLACK may be afraid to show their true feelings and emotions to others.

BLACK is the colour of creation and mystery.  Wearing BLACK indicates a private person who is reserved, but at times, rebellious.  

Wearing BLACK clothes can also suggest mourning and/or ‘hiding’. Wearing BLACK can also be one’s way of ‘cloaking’ themselves. BLACK makes one feel inconspicuous and is mysterious as they evoke of sense of potential and possibility.

BLACK is a classic colour for clothing, as it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.

People who prefer to wear BLACK may be strong-willed, disciplined and opinionated, with tendencies towards being inflexible and overly independent.

Wearing BLACK in certain situations and occasions indicates that you have control within yourself in order to instil and portray an authoritive image.

Excessive use of BLACK can cause depression, both mentally and physically.

BLACK foods are associated with the kidneys and bladder. The BLACK colour comes from anthocyanins, plant pigments that may help lower to risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  BLACK foods have more antioxidants than light-coloured foods because of their high pigment content. Anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties. BLACK foods are also usually rich in minerals.

BLACK Foods include:
Black rice, black lentils, black beans, black berries, black soy beans, black tea, black garlic, black pasts (squid ink), black sesame seeds, black mushrooms, Black Mission figs, black vinegar, black chickpeas, black radishes, licorice, black olives, black caviar, black pepper, black grapes, black carrots, black raspberries, black salt (Hawaiian lava salt), black quinoa, nigella seeds, chia seeds, poppy seeds, black/dark vegetables,

BLACK is the colour of the unconscious, mystery, change and protection.  It resonates with indifference, gloom, death, darkness, obscurity and secrecy, and is often associated with death or major changes.  

Seeing BLACK in your dream may represent the death of old ideas and/or the endings of a situation or phase in your life, and may also suggest a hidden or rejected aspect of yourself as BLACK can symbolize the unconscious, hidden things, the unknown and endings.  

BLACK appearing in your dreams may be representing potentials and possibilities and may be symbolic of a ‘clean slate’ or ‘blank slate’.

BLACK in our dreams invites us to delve deeply in the subconscious mind in order to gain a better understanding of the ‘Self’.  Within the context of the dream theme, seeing BLACK can suggest Divine qualities and heightening spirituality.

To dream in BLACK and WHITE can suggest that you need to be more objective in formulating your choices and decisions.  It may imply that you are too rigid and/or unyielding in your thought processes and may need to find balance and a place of reference.  Consider the opinions and views of others to gain perspective.

Dreaming in BLACK and WHITE may be a sign of sadness, melancholy and/or depression.  You may feel as though there is not enough excitement, variety or colour in 
your life.

COLOUR DREAMING  - What the Colours in Dreams Mean

BLACK is considered to represent unresolved, thwarted ambitions that have resulted in profound forgetfulness, as in cases when people lose sight of their purpose in life.

Although BLACK has been given bad publicity throughout the ages, deep velvety BLACK can actually bring about an intense sense of healing that cannot be penetrated by the other colours and it is for this reason that many people in mourning subconsciously choose to wear it.

DEATH (13) represents BLACK’s apocalyptic nature. 

JUDGEMENT (20) calls into play the deep inner healing that is necessary to transform our being.  

The MOON (18disables our ability to clearly remember all that has been and all that ever will be so that we can evolve ourselves without outside intervention.


Black Cumin Seed, Blackcurrant, Black Pepper, Black Pine, Black Spruce, Black Walnut.

BLACK coloured crystals and gemstones are very grounding, and deepen our connection to all physical things.  BLACK crystals and gemstones help to relieve us of fears specifically associated with our physical existence on the Earthplane. 

BLACK crystals acts as a shield to protect us and deflect negative energies.  BLACK crystals and gemstones govern our relationships with the physical world and with our physical bodies.

Apache Tear, Black Agate, Diopside, Black Diamond, Black Jasper, Black Lace Onyx, Black Opal, Black Obsidian, Black Onyx, Black Sapphire, Black Spinel, Black Star Diopside, Black Tourmaline, Brecciated Jasper, Chinese Writing Stone, Hematite, Jet, Kyanite, Lava stone, Meteorite tektite, Mexican Black Opal, Nuummite, Oolitic Jasper, Rainbow Obsidian, Russian Agate, Sardonyx, Schorl, Serpentine, Shungite, Snowflake Obsidian, Tourmalinated Quartz.

BLACK appearing in the aura is always associated with ‘dark deeds’.  It indicates discord, viciousness and evil.  

Physical imbalances often show up as BLACK or darkened areas around the body. In the outer-edges of the aura, BLACK can indicate holes in the auric field.  

BLACK is also seen in the aura of those who are victims of child abuse, and those who are (or were) very strong substance abusers (ie. alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc)

In the most deplored of souls, the aura can sometimes be seen with a crimson RED glow and BLACK, and this is a most vicious combination.

Colours within the Aura

The Omega Chakra is situation below the Base Chakra, in the space between the legs/upper thighs (8 inches below the spine). The Omega Chakra acts as an anchor.  It anchors the lower bodies across their holographic grid of incarnations.

The Omega Chakra is coloured BLACK.

Colour Healing and the Chakras

BLACK used in Colour Healing and Colour Therapy lowers the blood pressure, lowers the pulse rate and assists with compulsive behaviour.

 Introduction to Colour Healing – Chromotherapy

Joanne Walmsley       

Sacred Scribes

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